Our List Of Best Squirt Guns For 2021 – Comparison Included

Best Squirt Guns

If you are looking for a great squirt gun for your child, or simply want something to fill party favors for his or her next birthday party, the best squirt gun is out there. Squirt guns, of course, vary in size, shape and performance, so it can be overwhelming on what to buy if your child is not sure what he or she wants.

In this review, we will take a look at six water guns from brands like Nerf and Joyin. What is the best squirt gun, read our review to find out.






Neliblu Squirt Guns Party Favors - Bulk Party Pack




JOYIN 2 Pack High Capacity Blaster Squirt Gun (Top Pick)

Pump-Action Rifle

25 oz

36 Feet

SUPERSOAKER Nerf Super Soaker Breach Blast

Pump-Action Rifle

50 oz

35 Feet

JOYIN 3 Pack Water Blaster Soaker Squirt Toy

Pump-Action Rifle

12 oz

25 Feet

SUPERSOAKER Nerf Zipfire Blaster


3.3 oz

20 Feet

ICatch 25 assorted Water squirt guns



15 Feet

Recommended 6 Best Squirt Guns Review

1. Neliblu Squirt Guns Party Favors - Bulk Party Pack Water Squirting Guns

This first gun is actually a large pack of plastic, multi-colored squirt guns. In this pack you have handguns of all shapes and sizes, from western revolvers to futuristic ray guns. The colors include red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

These squirt guns range from three to six inches in length, so they are rather small in size. The bodies of these guns are clear, so children exactly know how much water they have left as they are spraying.

The amount of water that these guns can hold greatly varies, but water can be stored all throughout the gun, from the nozzle all the way down to the handle.

 A few of these guns have their own yellow tanks for additional water storage as well.

These are guns that are best for party favors, such as a child’s birthday party that takes place over the Summer. If you’re looking for gifts to stuff party bags, this is a great pack to buy.

However, it is not a guarantee that all 24 guns will work right. A few might be broken and not hold any water at all. The idea is spot on, but the execution is low-effort at best. To save money on plastic, I bet Neliblu just knew they were broken to begin with.


  • Comes in a pack of 24
  • Is light in weight
  • Comes in bright colors
  • Is affordable


  • A percentage of them may not work

2. JOYIN 2 Pack High Capacity Water Soaker Blaster Squirt Toy

This next water gun comes in a pack of two, courtesy of Joyin. Both are the same gun, but have different colors on them. They are both pump-action rifles and are fairly large in size, nearly 16 inches in length.

The water capacity is 25 ounces, which is a lot of water that the water gun can hold at any given time. You simply add water, and it shoots by pulling the pump.

This gun can spray a beam of water for up to 36 feet, which is arguably one of the longest distances for a pump-action rifle style water gun. You are guaranteed that the guns that the other kids have won’t be able to touch your son or daughter with that distance.

Both water guns are made of plastic that is thick and sturdy, so do not expect a pair of cheap guns that leak easily. You can be assured that both will work and are not brittle.

That is, however, if they do not come broken. Be sure to never pay for these water guns online, because there is a chance that they can crack during transport. If online is the only way to pay for these, you would be out of luck.


  • Holds a lot of water
  • Sprays at a long distance
  • Comes in a pack of two
  • Comes in bright colors


  • Guns might come cracked

3. SUPERSOAKER Nerf Super Soaker Breach Blast

This next water gun is a Nerf Super Soaker. The Super Soaker is the best known brand of water guns in America, and for good reason. There are various types of Super Soakers, but this one, however, is a very basic, yet still enjoyable gun. It comes in the colors blue, orange, white and green.

It has a water capacity of 50 ounces, which is more than two single-serve bottles of soda. Your child can spray water for a decent amount of time before he or she has to fill up with more water.

The gun can reach a very far distance of at least 35 feet. For a basic gun, you are sure to get effective results, and the Nerf Breach Blast is no different here.

While this is a pump-action rifle style of water gun, this is a surprisingly light gun, weighting just about a pound. Your child will not have any trouble holding and carrying this water gun, even with a full tank of water.

What we do not like about the Super Soaker Breach Blast is that it constantly leaks water. You will never get a full tank, and whether you are firing from the water gun or not, you will constantly be leaking from a small hole somewhere in the gun. It is not something the Nerf likely intended, but it can really deflate the fun out of a water gun fight, we feel.


  • Has decent spraying distance
  • Is easy to refill
  • Is light in weight
  • Comes in bright colors
  • Has a large water tank


  • Water constantly leaks

4. JOYIN 3 Pack Water Blaster Soaker Squirt Toy

This next pack of water guns once again comes from Joyin. These water guns are smaller than the ones found in Joyin’s two-pack. They all the same shape and 11 inches in length. The first is blue, the second is white and the third is green.

These guns carry about 12 ounces of water, but because these are smaller guns, holding less water is to be expected. They work in the same manner, though. Pull the level and the water squirts out.

These water guns are made of plastic that is thick and resilient, so do not expect a pack of cheap guns that leak easily. You can be assured that all of them will work and are not brittle.

The distance of the spray is around 25 feet, which is decent in comparison to other guns around the same size. They won’t set any world records, but they can spray across a lawn to towards the other side of a street okay.

Much like the Nerf Super Soaker Breach Blast, however, these guns tend to leak, thanks to one or more small holes located somewhere throughout the water gun. The plastic is of good quality, but unfortunately it still succumbs to small holes or punctures making using it less enjoyable.


  • Has decent spraying distance
  • Is easy to refill
  • Is light in weight
  • Comes in bright colors
  • Comes in a pack of three


  • Water constantly leaks

5. SUPERSOAKER Nerf Super Soaker Zipfire Blaster

The next Nerf water gun is the Super Soaker Zipfire Blaster. This is a pistol or handgun-style gun that is small and portable. It has lime green and orange colors, making it very distinctive from any real gun.

This is a gun that is not just very simple to use, but simple to fill with water, as well. Just take the cap off of it and you can fill it up with water fairly quickly. This is a well designed gun that doesn’t break or dent when you drop it.

You can shoot water with the water blaster from around 30 feet away. This is not a bad range at all for a small gun. It is a fairly small gun for anybody to carry around and store.

The caveat to the Zipfire Blaster from Nerf is that it only has room inside for about three or more ounces of water. Your child can go from a full water tank to no water remaining in no time at all. It’s a small gun, but obviously a small water tank with it is to clearly be expected.


  • Has decent spraying distance
  • Is easy to refill
  • Is light in weight
  • Is durable


  • Water tank is very small

6. ICatch 25 assorted Water squirt guns

This last pack of water guns comes in a quantity of 25. These are relatively small guns that are just under four inches in height. These are plastic, transparent guns that come in colors of yellow, orange, blue, green and red.

These are two different styles; a modern looking gun and a space-themed ray gun.

Because each gun is transparent, you can see exactly inside the shell of the gun to know how much water is inside. This is very helpful to know how much water is remaining before you have to get a refill.

Each gun sprays about 15 feet, although there are differences in distance depending on the exact gun that is being used. These are not the most perfectly constructed guns to have definite specs in performance, but these would be good guns to use in the back or front yard.

And of course, each gun is fairly easy to refill. Take the cap on top of the water gun off and fill the gun up with water, and you should be ready for more fun.

Like Neliblu’s water gun pack, these are more ideal for party favors for kids at a party. These would be good for a day of laughs and Summer fun. The problem with this pack of guns, however, is that the quality is questionable. If you happen to get a pack of water guns that all work, it is an investment well spent. If you realize that a few of them are broken or do not work, unfortunately there is no way to know until you try them out.


  • Comes in a pack of 25
  • Is light in weight
  • Comes in bright colors
  • Is affordable


  • A percentage of them may not work

Things To Consider Before Choosing The Right Squirt Guns

There are some things that you should consider before making a decision on what product of water gun to buy. They are as follows.

Number Of Kids In Family

Not all families are the same, of course, so depending on how many children you have, especially how many are interested in water guns, you should make an informed decision of how many or what sort of pack to buy.

Most often, families will have just at least one child who is interested in playing with a water gun. With that said, it will be a good idea to buy one water gun at a time. You can buy one decent water gun that he or she can use to play with either friend of kids of neighbors in the street.

If you have two or more children, however, you can save money by buying a pack of multiple squirt guns. A pack of two, three or even more water guns will usually cost as much as one of the best guns, like a Super Soaker. Buying serious water guns for each of your children is not a bad thing, but for kids who just want a water gun of their own, you cannot go wrong with water guns as part of a pack.

Note: You may like our list of best water guns for kids on the market.

Water Volume

The amount of volume that the water gun can hold is another thing to consider when buying a water gun. The tanks or area for water greatly vary from model to model.

Large water tanks means that your child can carry a more than enough water with him or her. Emptying the tank will take some time, thus he or she will spend more time spraying water than refilling the gun. The disadvantage of having a large tank is that it can get heavy if you have a lot of water inside of it. More water can make the gun difficult to carry and use for a small child, and it can also slow him or her down. However, you can choose to fill the large tank will less water, so that is one bright side.

With a small tank of water, there is less water to have to carry around. This also means that the gun is smaller and lighter to use. Even though it will be quicker to deplete the gun of water, these guns are generally easier and speedier to refill with more.

Generally, pump action rifle water guns will have more water capacity over water handguns, due to the size of the gun. Pump action water guns will have a water tank preserved for storing water, whereas a handgun will have space all throughout the shell to hold water.

Short Or Long Term?

There are water guns that are meant to last for years, and guns that are meant to last for just days.

Water guns make by Nerf and equivalent brands specialize in high-quality water guns that are meant to last a handful of years. They come in unique designs, have elaborate color schemes and generally have above-average durability, performance and appearance. These guns will cost about twenty dollars.

Cheaper guns are also made that are designed for shorter term use. These guns are generally smaller, come in only a few colors, and can even be made of transparent plastic. These guns typically come in packs of multiple quantities and are mostly intended for party favors. These packs will tend to cost the same as one high-quality water gun.

Whether you want a designated water gun for your child, or cheap water guns for multiple children, you should realize where to look to buy a water gun or pack of water guns.

What Are The Advantages/Benefits of Squirt Guns?

A water gun is designed to give enjoyment to a child or children, giving them an activity of shooting objects or other children with water in an environment deemed safe, such as a street, yard or at a pool. There are very few toys today that involve water, and water guns simply urge children to be competitive and have fun with their friends, family and neighbors.

The most primary thing that water guns can be compared with is water balloons. Water balloons are small rubber or latex balloons that are filled with water. A person throws the balloon, and wherever it lands, it breaks and splashes that person or thing with water.

There are a few advantages that a water gun has over a water balloon. Firstly, a water balloon can only be used once before it is rendered useless. Water balloons are temporary toys that are considered to be ongoing expenses in order to keep enjoying them. In other words, you will have to pay for more in order to keep using them.

With water guns, you just have to pay once, and it can be used until it breaks. A water gun can continuously spray water without expending itself, making it a toy that you only have to buy just once. While water balloons are cheap to buy, they can also be pricey if your child wants to use more of them.

Another advantage that water guns have over water balloons is that they are easy to fill. While a water balloon can contain more water, it will take longer to fill a water balloon. There is also a degree of uncertainty to when a child should stop filling a water balloon, as it just keeps expanding until it pops. The tank of a water gun never expands, and when it gets full, it will simply stop accepting more water, thanks to the hard plastic that it is made of.

What's The Best Way To Use The Squirt Guns?

Small water handguns are usually straightforward to use. Simply, your child will just have to remove the cap on top, pour water inside, close the cap and the gun is ready to be used. To fire the gun, the trigger must be pulled. This will fire one shot of water in the form of a stream. When the gun runs out of water, it can easily be refilled by repeating the process.

For the larger, pump-action rifle type, they usually work in similar ways. Remove the cap on top, pour water inside, close the cap and the gun is ready to be used. Even though there is a place for a trigger on the gun, it will not be present. Instead, your child will have to pull a lever in order for water to come out.

Final Verdict

The pack of water guns that we deem to be the best of the bunch is the JOYIN 2 Pack High Capacity Water Soaker Blaster Squirt Toy.

This is considered a good deal to us, primarily because these are big pump-action water guns and you get two of them for the price of one. If you have two kids in your family, this is a great purchase, as both get each the same gun and they can duel in the backyard whenever they please.

If you can manage to find these guns in a store, we strongly recommend getting them. We fear that if you buy them online that something might happen to one or both of them during transportation.

While Nerf is considered the nationwide leader in water guns, there just so happens to be flaws with them as well, whether they leak, lack the firepower, or just do not have enough storage for water. These guns from Joyin, however, are decent to where they perform great and hold a lot of water. This is why we have decided on Joyin’s two-pack of water guns.

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