Best Super Soaker Water Guns in 2021 [Top 8 Updated List]

Best Super Soaker Water Guns of 2018

For your child to be protected against other kids with water guns, he or she will be one of the best super soaker water guns of his or her own. Water guns are not expensive by any means, and there are various ones available in all shapes, sizes and styles. They come with either a trigger, a pump-action lever or both.

There are many different kinds of water guns that you can buy in store or online. Some water guns look unique and have a special way of spraying water. Some water guns contain a high water capacity so that you can store a large amount of water at once without going back to a water spigot.

There are also some water guns that shoot water from 30 feet or greater. There is no water gun on the market that has all the best specs, so you would like to see which water gun is best as its specific purpose.

Today, we will be reviewing seven different water guns that you can buy. A few of them are from Nerf, while others are from other manufacturers. These guns range from water pistols to specialty guns with unique, yet attractive shapes.

Without further ado, here are the water guns that we will be looking at.

Top rated super soaker comparison chart



Water Capacity



Nerf Super Soaker Scatterblast Blaster

1.06 lbs

22 oz

34 feet

A-PIE Super Soakers Water Blaster

11.2 oz

24 oz

26 feet

Stream Machine TL-750 Water Launcher

11.2 oz


70 feet

Nerf Super Soaker Soakzooka

1.9 lbs

1.6 Litter

12 feet

Water Blaster 1200cc Super Water Gun

1.01 lbs

38 oz

32 feet

Super Soaker Switch Shot Blaster (Editors Choice)

2.7 lbs

20 oz

25 feet

Nerf Super Soaker Zipfire 3-Pack

6.4 oz

3 oz

20 feet

8 Best Super Soaker Water Guns Review in 2021

1. Nerf Super Soaker Scatterblast Blaster

No stranger to the water gun industry, nerf has created dozens of different water guns over the decades. The Scatterblast looks like a regular pump action Super Soaker from up close, but it features a few small additions to make it stand out from other guns.

The Scatterblast gun comes in one color combination: White, royal blue, orange, and lime green. Your typically water gun colors that do not make people mistake it for a real black gun.

The Super Soaker comes with five nozzles that give off five different streams of water at once. The gun is activated by pulling the pump action level on the front.

This gun sprays water from 34 feet away, with is a great gun for use in long distances. You can spray this gun from one end of the street and the water will land on the opposite end easily.

This gun can carry 22 ounces of water at a time, which is as big as an individual water bottle.
Also included with the Scatterblast is a flip up sight that you can look through to aim. This is pretty much a cosmetic addition, as it won’t be very useful if you need to pump the gun to spray it, which causes the gun to move around. You need the gun to be steady for the sight to be useful and effective.


  • Can spray water from great distances
  • Gun is in a variety of colors
  • Uses five nozzles at once


  • Sight on the nozzle is not useful

2. A-PIE Super Soaker Water Gun

This water gun comes from a company that is known as A-PIE. The colors of this gun are very similar to the Scatterblast gun from Nerf.

This is also a pump-action water gun in which you pull a lever to spray water. Even though there is a hold for where the trigger finger goes, no trigger can be found at all.

This water gun comes in two different combinations. There is one that is white, orange, lime green and royal blue, but there is another version with the colors all switched around.

There is one nozzle on this particular gun, but it can spray up to 26 feet long. The water capacity on this gun is 24 ounces. You can pump the pump-action lever 30 times before the water gun runs out of water and has to be refilled.

This is a fairly big gun, yet it weighs below one pound, making it lightweight. It is a normal squirt gun that doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary.


  • Gun is in a variety of colors
  • Is light in weight
  • Has a large capacity for water


  • Does not have any unique features

3. Stream Machine Water Gun

The Stream Machine is not like most water guns. It has a design that is more simple and practical, consisting of a long rod attached to a handle. The rod acts as a large pump action lever, squirting a large gush of water at a time.

There are four color choices for the Stream Machine: blue, lime green, orange and red. All models have a black handle and nozzle.

Its simple design allows a solid stream of water to spray out its nozzle. The faster you pump, the father the water travels. It can travel up to 70 feet, which is very powerful. You can spray water from across one end of a medium-sized parking lot and it will reach the other end with ease.

This is a lightweight water gun that is travel and storage-friendly. Not much plastic or irregular shapes are involved.
Because of this super slim design, we cannot imagine this gun holding a lot of water. After a pump or two, the cartridge will be emptied already. This is great for either use at a pool party, where there is plenty of water, or to surprise somebody from far away.

It does refill water in a snap. Submerge the gun in water, pull the handle back, and it will already be full.


  • Comes in four different colors
  • Sprays water at a very long distance
  • Refills water fast


  • Only shoots in one or two pumps at a time

4. Nerf Super Soaker Soakzooka - Big Super Soaker

This water gun from Nerf has an unusual design. Rather than carry it in your arm, you hold it by a briefcase style handle, and it has a pump that resembles a stick shift on a car.

It is meant to replicate the look and feel of a machine gun, although it is white, blue and orange in color. It rather looks like an oddly-shaped watering can.

The Soakzooka sprays a slightly larger stream of water than your typical water gun. You pull the crank to release the spray of water, and this serves as its pump-action lever.

It holds an impressive 1.6 liters. This is almost as much as a 2-liter bottle of soda, and it is quite a lot of water. With a larger capacity comes more weight. The Soakzooka weighs 1.9 pounds, which is significantly heavier than most other water guns.

Its water also does not travel very far, at just 12 feet or so. This is most likely due to its unique design that doesn’t allow much force to come into play, like the Stream Machine. Your child likely won’t win many battles with this water gun. While it does have a rather fun design, there is much that holds it back from being truly great.


  • Has a large capacity for water
  • Has a unique design


  • Is very heavy in weight
  • Sprays water at very short distances

5. Water Blaster Toy - Best Super Soakers

This water gun is brought to you by ShimFun. It is styled and colored like your average water gun. It has a white body with blue, lime green and orange accents.

For a typical water gun, its specs are pretty impressive. First, it can hold 38 ounces of water, which is better than the average water gun made by Nerf.

Your child will be sure to have plenty of water to go around for his or her friends.

There is a pump action lever, but it also has a traditional gun trigger. Pull this trigger to spray a continuous stream of water. The pump action lever is to ensure your sprays are clear and abundant.

While it claims to spray up to 32 or so feet of water, it actually is much less than that. It is about just eight to ten feet, which is highly disappointing. Guns of this shape and function are much more capable.

The Water Blaster 1200cc weighs about a pound, which is a little heavy, but is something that any kid of any age can carry and use. So the water gun ideal for your kids.


  • Comes with a working trigger
  • Has a high capacity of water


  • Sprays water at very short distances

6. Super Soaker Switch Shot Blaster

Another unusual design by Nerf, this one resembles an uzi pistol with a detachable magazine. This gun has colors of white, orange, electric blue, and dark blue. It has a rather nice design and color scheme for boys.

This gun has four selectable nozzles. Twist the nozzle and pick your spray pattern. Jetstream is the regular stream. Triple Shot is three streams at one.

Scattershot is five streams at once, like with the original Scattershot from Nerf. The Atomizer is a mist-like spray.

This water gun also has detachable banana clips that hold water. You can take an empty clip off and put a full one in to continue spraying. Each clip only carries 20 ounces, and additional clips are sold separately.

This is a rather heavy gun, weighing 2.7 pounds. It is mostly ideal for big boys who love to shoot water guns. It can spray water at about 25 feet, which is about of average distance. While there is a hole to place your trigger finger, there is no working trigger. You can only fire water pump-action style.

And it's different type of shooting style making it one of the best super soaker of 2021


  • Four nozzles to switch from
  • Has a great design
  • Has detachable clips


  • Is very heavy in weight

7. Nerf Super Soaker Zipfire 3-Pack

This last water gun from Nerf is actually a pack of three guns. They are a trio of three water pistols of the same design and size. One is blue, one is purple, and the other is yellow.

All of them have orange nozzles and triggers. This is something to consider for families that do not want to spend a lot of money for more than one gun.

These are small pistols that children can hold right in their hands. They all come with triggers that shoot a slick stream of water. 

They can shoot soda cans, their friends, and more with decent accuracy, mainly since they don’t have a pump-action feature. Hold quick draw battles, and even kids can hide them from other friends and surprise them.

These small water pistols can shoot water from up to 30 feet away. That is impressive, but the simpler the design, the more capable they are of spraying water at longer distances.

Of course, because they are so small, they do not carry much water; only about three ounces to be precise. This is not a lot of water to work with, and your child will often go back to refill his or her gun, which will be tiresome. It is likely that they would wish that they had a bigger gun to use that carried more water.


  • Come in a 3-pack
  • Are very small and handheld
  • Sprays water at very short distances


  • Does not hold much water

8. Original Super Soaker Floodtastic

Enjoy some water splashing fun in this summer with the 4-pack squirt guns from Super Soaker. It comes with two TidalTube water blasters (the longer ones) and two AlphaFire water blasters (the shorter ones). They are easy to fill up with water and shoots a lot of it that can quickly soak your target.

These blasters are suitable for children aged six and above. The tidal blaster can hold up to 10 fluid ounces of water, and the AlphFire blasters can hold up to 7.4 fluid ounces of water. To fire the TidalTube, simply pump the handle back and forth. This will unleash the water from the blasters at a rapid pace.

As for the AlphaFire blasters, simply pull the trigger, and it will send out a stream of water. You can pair off in teams or play solo. The smaller blasters are easy enough for small kids to handle. However, the longer ones might be a bit difficult for the little kids.

The trigger on the pistols is somewhat hard at first. However, after a few days, it will ease out. There is also the issue with long guns as they need to be refilled after every shot. For that, the smaller guns are way better for longer use. However, you won’t have to worry about durability or effectiveness.


  • Easy to refill
  • Fires a good distance
  • Large water capacity


  • Trigger is hard to press

How To Choose The Best Super Soaker

Of course, there are no two water guns that are exactly alike and all super soakers are not same. Water gun manufacturers make water guns in various different shapes, sizes, and with different features. But which gun is most appealing to you? There are many different types of guns for you to buy, all of which have general strengths and weaknesses.

Water Pistol

These guns are the oldest known squirt guns. They are small, compact in size, and work with you pulling the trigger to get a simple stream of water. A best squirt guns are easy to operate and do not require a battery or a pump. Water pistols are generally inexpensive, unless certain models of them are discontinued.

The caveats to water pistols are that they aren’t powerful and they have small water capacities. Most of them do not spray water at a long distance at all, and because of their small size, they must be refilled within minutes or even seconds.

Pump-Action Guns

Pump-action guns require the user to pump a large lever in order to spray water, as small trigger won’t be enough to exert enough force to spray the most water as possible. There are some pump action guns with both a pump-action lever and a working trigger. In which case, the pump action lever diverts water into a pressure chamber, so that when you activate the trigger, the stream of water shoots far.

Pump-action water guns are known to be more powerful than water pistols. They can shoot water at farther distances and also hold much more water. They also do not require batteries. With pump-action guns, however, you cannot spray continuously, as you will need to constantly pump the lever to continue fire, with or without a trigger.

Motorized Guns

Motorized water guns have pumps that are powered by motors. Users simply pull the trigger to shoot water effectively. Because motorized guns are battery-operated, they do not need to be pumped. This means that you aren’t required to pause shooting in order to pump the gun back up. Motorized guns are also easier to aim than pump-action water guns.

The idea of being battery powered also means that these water guns can shut down at various inopportune times. With any battery-powered version of a certain item, motorized guns are also not as powerful as manual water guns.

Here are The Various Qualities in Water Guns That You Can Consider

Water capacity

Water capacity means how many quarts or ounces of water a gun can carry so that you can shoot out of its nozzle. The more water that a Super Soaker can hold, the longer it will typically take for you to run out of water. However, with a lot of water, the gun will tend to get heavier.

If your kid is planning to have long, drawn out water gun fights with friends, he or she would like a gun with a large water capacity. This will mean fewer trips to the water spigot. Small water pistols will carry about 3 ounces, whereas the largest known water guns will be able to hold about 80 ounces.


You will be able to find a gun’s specifications, including the weight of the gun, the size and the weight of the reservoir, as well, on the gun’s packaging. The size of the child that you are buying the gun for should play a major role in how big the gun that you purchase will be. Don’t buy a larger gun for a small child if he might not be able to carry it effectively.

Note: You may like our list of the best water guns for adults - review & guide.

Distance Of Spray

This distance refers to exactly how far that the water travels from the water gun’s tip to the ground, a person or an object. If you have a Super Soaker or other water gun that sprays a long distance, it is not ideal to shoot them from close by.

Water guns that can spray water at longer distances have an advantage over guns that only spray at shorter distances. A typical squirt gun may only have a distance of ten feet, while the longest distance a water gun is known to spray is 70 feet.

Here are some hints for buying the best super soaker water gun that we have not mentioned thus far:

  • 1
    Choose a water gun that is made to last long enough to satisfy your needs. Cheaper models will not last for a number of years. If you only plan to use a gun sparingly, this may not be a concern to you. If you are looking to use one almost every day during the summer, you would like to buy one that is durable and made of tough materials.
  • 2
    Considering purchasing targets. If you are buying a water gun for a child that won’t always have friends around to squirt, you can have him or her shoot at a target for practice.
  • 3
    Avoid running on wet and slippery surfaces or puddles when using a Super Soaker or water gun. Stay safe and run on grass whenever possible. Make sure all children stay safe while enjoying their water guns.

Final Verdict

The best super soaker that we most recommend to you is the Super Soaker Switch Shot Blaster.

This was a unanimous decision. Each water gun has a different con that holds it back, but this Super Soaker in particular is very good on account of its useful features.

For one, you can change the spray pattern from one stream, to three, to five to a special mist stream. This is a great feature that allows you to set a priority between conserving water or blasting more of it.

With the detachable clips, you can take an empty clip out and put a full clip in so that you can continue to spray. While you have to take some time to change clips, you can have more supply of water on you without going to another source of water.

It’s got a decent spray distance and a reliable sense of durability. Furthermore, this gun has a nice, masculine look to it without looking like all the other water guns on the market.

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