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This site earns fees through advertising and linking directly to Amazon products.

Federal Trade Commission required disclosure about this site

In 2015, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) made a ruling that affects all affiliate sites. It is our aim to abide by the most arduous reading of this ruling. As a result, we have created this page to discuss the ruling, our status as an affiliate, and our terms regarding personal information. If you have any additional questions not answered here, please contact us using the information found on our contact page.

What happened to affiliate sites under the new ruling?

In 2015, The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ruled that all affiliate sites must reveal any and all financial relationships with sponsored products, sponsored links, or sponsored content. In short, this means that if a website makes money, or profits in any way, through endorsing products found on other sites, the consumer has a right to know about it.

The reason for this is simple: In the early days of large online marketplaces, certain companies were paying, or otherwise compensating individuals, for flattering reviews. Through this process, often subpar products were given high reviews. In turn, this unfairly misled consumers into making uninformed purchases. The new ruling ensures that consumers can make a realistic judgment regarding the validity of any product reviews or products linked to affiliate websites.

What are affiliates and affiliate sites?

Affiliates are sites that receive compensation for the purchase of a product on another site. This can happen in several ways. The most common is positive reviews encouraging customers to purchase products linked on other sites. If the sale is made through an affiliate’s link, the affiliate receives compensation.

How do we earn compensation?

This site may earn compensation in two primary ways. The first is through Amazon affiliate links. We, as Amazon affiliate, provide product recommendations, then link to relevant products on When a purchase is made through one of our affiliated link, this site receives a small commission for the sale. The second way is through specific product advertisement. Much like with Amazon, if you purchase a product through the advertisement links on this site, this site receives a small commission for the sale.