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This summer, you would like to be sure that your child has the best water gun in town. That is why we are here to determine the best water gun for kids. You would like a gun that shoots far, carries plenty of water and provides lots of fun for your child.

While you may argue that Nerf is undoubtedly the king in water guns with their Super Soaker brand, there are plenty of other guns on the market that is worth checking out. While we do cover Nerf water guns, we also will review products from Tuptoel and Fun-Here.

How to Choose The Right Water Gun For Kids

Water guns come in all shapes, sizes and types. To know that you have chosen the best product for your child to use, there are many characteristics of a water gun that will play a factor in the child’s experience with the water gun.

Water Capacity

The amount of water that the gun can hold is a primary thing to consider when choosing a water gun for your child. The amount of water that a water gun can hold will vary greatly, and large and small water tanks alike have their upsides as well as downsides.

Larger water tanks, obviously carry more water than smaller water tanks. A large water tank will be good in the sense that the gun will require more time to completely empty, and thus, your child will enjoy it for longer until that happens. This also means a smaller frequency of having to refill the gun.

The downside to a large water tank is that it can be heavier to carry. By having more water in the tank, the gun can get heavier, thus it can be harder to hold and will also make mobility more limited. The good thing about a large water tank is that you do not need to fill it up completely full.

Because small water tanks are smaller, that is less water that your child will be carrying around. In a positive spin, the water gun is lighter and easier to hold. Despite that it will take a shorter time to empty the water gun of water, these guns take a shorter and simpler time refilling back up again.

It is common for handguns to have small water tanks, while pump action rifles have large water tanks, just because of their respective sizes. A water handgun will store water all throughout the gun, whereas a pump action gun as a large, plastic tank especially for this water.


Another thing to consider for water guns is how far the gun will spray water. Water guns can spray in long distances, short distances, or even somewhere in between. There are positive and negative aspects of both short and long-distance water guns.

Of course, consumers will often gravitate towards a water gun that shoots the longest stream of water possible. However, the longest isn’t always the best.

If your child is limited to only using the water gun in a small yard, having the water gun spray a long distance may not be the best idea, as water can possibly reach other homes and neighbors. A water gun that can spray water at a shorter distance will less likely have this issue.

If your child intends to use the water gun all across a street, in a large yard and/or at a pool area, there is less restriction towards getting a water gun that shoots a far distance.

Without further ado, here are out water guns to consider:

Recommended 4 Best Water Gun For Kids Review

1. Tuptoel Water Squirt Gun, 2 Pack Water Guns for Kids

This first water squirt gun actually comes in a pack of two. These both are considered large handguns. Both have yellow shells, with one having blue accents and the other having purple accents. If you have one son and one daughter, this is a good pack to buy.

Each water gun carries as much as 14 and a half ounces. This is not much water that each gun can hold, but for a water handgun, these are impressive. The water travels up to 20 feet in length, as well. With the overhead cap, these guns are fairly easy to refill.

These are well made guns that are sturdy and safe to use for children ages three and up. These guns are made of environmental plastic, and while they are hard, they are smooth and comfortable to use.

These are not really guns that you would substitute a pump action rifle with. These are not large guns, but they are considered, in our opinion, a step above the typical handgun. If you have children who are rather young, this is a great starter pack to buy, as they are easy to use and do their job well.


  • Comes in a pack of two
  • High water capacity for a handgun
  • Designed in high quality
  • Is easy to refill


  • Not for older kids

2. Super Soaker Water Gun Switch Shot Blaster

This Nerf Super Soaker is more complex than others. It is designed like an uzi pistol. Its colors are dark blue, neon blue, orange and white, geared for boys. It can spray water at around 25 feet.

This gun comes with four nozzles that you can switch to. Jetstream is the basic stream of water. Triple Shot is three streams. Scattershot is five streams. Atomizer is a misty spray.

There are multiple water tanks that you can use. Fill them all up, put one on the gun and have the others in your pocket.

When your gun is empty of water, you remove the empty tank and put another tank on to continue using it. Each clip can hold up to 20 ounces of water, and more are sold separately.

The problem with this gun is that it is heavy, and your child needs to carry more in order to have more water with him. At almost 3 pounds, it is designed for larger boys in mind. While this gun is designed like a pistol, it is a pump action rifle, and there is no working trigger.


  • Comes with multiple selectable nozzles
  • Has detachable water tanks
  • Has a large water tank


  • Is a somewhat heavy gun

3. Nerf Super Soaker water Gun Breach Blast [ Top Pick ]

The other Nerf gun for children that we consider is the Super Soaker Breach Blast. This is a pump action rifle that is their equivalent to a basic boy’s water gun. It has the colors white, blue, green and orange.

This is a far-shooting water gun, where water can travel at around 40 feet, which is very impressive for something that is designed very basic. But then again, it is made by Nerf.

This gun can also hold a whopping 50 ounces of water. This is not a really heavy gun by any means, despite its large water capacity. 

Children of all ages and sizes can carry and use this gun with no problems. It is also one that you can refill easily.

The caveat to this gun, however, is that it will constantly leak water. Super Soakers are not immune to this issue, unfortunately. There are miniature holes that were mistakenly overlooked during manufacturing, and water will constantly drop out. This is a wonderful gun, but this can really hold it back.


  • Has long spraying distance
  • Is easy to refill
  • Is light in weight
  • Comes in bright colors
  • Has a large water tank


  • Water tank is known to leak

4. Fun-Here Water Guns 9 Inch 6 packs for Kids

This last water gun comes in a pack of six. They are all the same gun, but they come in three different color schemes. These are handguns with water tanks that are screwed on and off.

Each gun shoots up to 20 feet in distance. This is a decent length for a handgun, and you are sure to have a fun evening in a party or at the pool with these.

We do not have a number for how many ounces the water tank can hold, but we cannot assume that it is that many. The water tank is significantly smaller than a water bottle.

This aa very affordable pack of guns. With that said, these are not really guns for a child to enjoy for a couple of years, but more geared towards party gifts that kids can enjoy during a Summer birthday. If you are looking for a pack of water guns for birthday guests to enjoy for an afternoon, this is a nice pack to buy.


  • Is light in weight
  • Comes in bright colors
  • Has detachable water tanks


  • They do not last long

What Type Of Water Gun Best For Your Kid?

As we previously went over, there are two common types of water guns for you to buy for your child: a handgun and a pump action rifle. There are other types of water guns that are more obscure, but these two are the most common, and therefore, we will only discuss them when determining which type of water gun is best for your child.

The number one question to ask is does your child have any friends that he or she can shoot water guns with? If the answer is “yes”, then we recommend a pump action rifle style water gun. If the answer is “no”, then we recommend a water handgun.

Your child might be an only child, or he or she may have friends or siblings to play with, but none of them are interested in water guns themselves. That does not mean that they cannot enjoy a water gun by him or herself.

If this is the case, you can buy a water handgun that they can use to shoot at objects around the home, like targets, cans, toys and more. These water guns are great to use every now and then, and do not carry much water at all.

If your child is looking to shoot family and friends with a water gun, they will enjoy a pump-action water gun. These water guns shoot farther and contain more water so that your child and his or her friends can spend hours of fun with a few breaks in between.

While a water handgun can also be enjoyed with friends, the performance is insufficient compared to that of a pump action water gun, outside from having more mobility overall.

Final Verdict

The best water gun for kids is none other than the Nerf Breach Blast.

For a brand like Nerf that has come up with various crazy Super Soakers over the year, this is a very basic water gun of theirs, but that isn’t to say that it does not work well. This is a water gun that can provide a child with years of fun with friends and family, and it comes with the primary features that will make him or her stay in the game.

The Breach Blast has a large water tank that can keep the child engaged for long periods of time before the tank is empty, and this gun can also spray water at long distances, such as from one lawn to the other lawn on the opposite side of the street. Kids will enjoy using this water gun and be amazed by what it can do, despite being a rather basic looking gun.

The one problem, once again, is that this gun might have a small hole in the water tank, which can cause it to leak. Although it really depends on the exact gun that you buy, as not all of them come with this problem. These holes are not that big, but they can be a problem if your child spends a long time not firing his gun.

If you are looking for a great handgun to buy, we recommend the double pack of guns from Tuptoel. They are fairly easy to use and can be used and enjoy by children of all ages.

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