Hydromatic sump pump reviews

A hydromatic sump pump is an above-floor system. It adds a drain without requiring any major remodeling to the home or basement. Hydromatic provides several different types of pumps, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. A new homeowner should consider factors such as noise levels, installation difficulty, water usage, the total cost of ownership, reliability ratings for quality and durability before making a purchase decision.

Hydromatic sump pump reviews

5 Best  hydromatic sump pump reviews

Hydromatic SP50M1 – Cast Iron Submersible Sewage Ejector pump

This quality sewer ejector pump comes not only with green cast iron motor housing, but also built-in thermal overload protection. So no matter the duration of your day, this water pump is resistant to corrosion- hence one less thing you have to worry about.

The non-clog cast iron impeller provides for increased flow capacities and increased efficiency, while the diaphragm pressure switch eliminates the need for another monitor system.

This powerful industrial sewage ejector pump can handle up to 140 GPM down to 2 inches in size so all of your wastewater needs are accommodated by this powerhouse! With a 12 amp rating and 1750 rpm max speed it’s designed especially for continuous duty so there’s never any downtime involved with this product.

Hydromatic OSP50A1 – Cast Iron/Naval Bronze Effluent Pump

The OSP50A1 Effluent Pump with the Naval Bronze Body weighs 44.8 pounds. It has a standard 115 volts, 0.5 horsepower, 9.5 amp Navy Bronze model available for corrosion resistance and is rated continuous duty at 60 gallons per minute. The product comes with a 10-foot cord wrapped in polyurethane insulation to protect it from outdoor elements and features upper and lower single-row ball bearing construction too long to outlast most competitors’. Included are an automatic thermal overload -to monitor motor temperatures during operation-, an oil-filled motor for your peace of mind, along with 33 feet of supply hose to carry away wasted water from toilets, sinks or drains up to 100 feet away!

Hydromatic W-A1 Sump Pump

The Hydromatic W-A1 is a cast-iron sump pump that comes with many thoughtful features, like ball-bearing construction and an automatic reset thermal overload protection.

It has the ability to only draw 8 amps which makes it perfect for low amperage homes (and saves money on your electric bill). The single-row ball-bearing design will assure minimal maintenance costs in the future. 

The warranty lasts 3 years, which is inclusive of damage or replacement of faulty parts during installation or use. This product also includes oiling for extended life while being environmentally friendly!

Hydromatic D-A1 Submersible Residential Sump Pump Review

To make sure your home stays dry and safe, take a look at our latest innovation in water removal. The Pentair D-A1 Submersible Residential Sump Pump is built to stand up to pressure, ensuring that you will never have another flood or sump disaster again!

This model boasts carbon/silent ceramic mechanical seal elimination of any unwanted noise production. For maintenance, an optional piggyback plug can be installed for easy access.

With 8 Amps of capacity and 48 gallons per minute flow rate, this pump is perfect for small residential applications or larger homes with shallow water.

Hydromatic V-A1  Review

The Hydromatic V-A1 3/10 HP Cast Iron Sump Pump is an all-inclusive pump that’s environmentally conscious, with its carbon-ceramic mechanical shaft seal, single row ball bearing construction, and oil-filled motor. It has automatic reset thermal overload protection for peace of mind when switching it on.

The Piggyback Electrical Plug makes the unit easy to maintain or replace without any need for adjustments or modifications. It comes in weights of 22 lbs – perfect for your home! Dimensions 9 5/8 x 7 inches x 10 7/8 inch measuring depth of discharge (hose) height below ground level or water table maximum flow rate 48 gallons per minute. This battery-operated device can run on 115 volts horsepower 0 30 Amps capacity 8 amps output.


Don’t worry about pumping your water with any of our products! With these 5 options, you will never have to deal with the annoying sounds of your water removal system or flooding ever again. Be sure to check out all of our products on Amazon for more savings, and if you need anything else don’t hesitate to comment below.

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