5 Best Sump Pump Float Switch Review in 2021 | Top Pick and Buying Guide Included

sump pump float switches

Sump pump in your basement is a blessing if it works well. Only getting the right sump pump is not enough to get the most advantage from it. Rather, it is important to ensure that the basement remains in the right condition as it is supposed to be. Maintaining water level is crucial and that becomes easy with the best sump pump float switch.

A float switch automatically controls the water level. It comes with a sensor or a mechanism that can detect the water level and turn on and off the pump.

Comparison of Different Types of Sump Pump Switches in 2021





Superior Pump 92010 Vertical Float Switch
[Top Pick]

SUMP ALARM - Most Reliable Sump Pump Switch

Superior Pump 92000 Tethered Float Switch

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Universal Replacement Float Switch
Parts 2O FP18-15BD-P2 Sump Pump Automatic Float Switch

5 Best Sump Pump Float Switch Reviews

Finding the best product could be a little bit difficult for someone new in this thing. Even as an expert, you need to spend hours to get a good deal. The following list of 5 best sump pump float switch will give you relief from this.

1. Superior Pump 92010 Vertical Float Switch

Superior Pump has a good lineup of float switches for sump pumps. The 92010 model is one of the most popular items that comes with extreme durability. If you wish to get something long-lasting, should go for it.

It is a universal product which means regardless of the sump pump brand or model, you could use it conveniently. The total composition of the switch ensures both safety and durability. The exterior is made of durable plastic and inside the plastic, it features flexible wire construction. Besides, it is 100% waterproof. No matter whatever the condition is, it will be safe.

The float switch runs at 120-volt with 10 amps and gives a superior performance as the name suggests. Non-mercury activated pattern enhances performance. Also, it is eco-friendly.

Customers mostly like this unit because of the hassle-free installation. You don't have to hire an expert for installation. All additional equipment such as mounting brackets, clamp, etc. are included with the product. with a 10-foot power cord, it is easy to install at a safe distance.


  • Universal design to fit all
  • RU, CSA certified
  • Water-resistant power cord
  • Maintenance-free design


  • Floating rod comes in plastic construction

2. Best Float Switch for Sump Pump

A float switch for sump pump is the best thing you could use. But to have the maximum output, it needs to be safe and durable. This float switch from Sump Alarm ensures both. It is intended to work with high-power pumps without any issues. Apart from good features, this unit comes at a low price.

The switch is designed for regular opening and closing the pump and it can directly control a 1/2 HP pump. It is suitable to connect with both 120-volt and 220-volt. Remember that the switch is designed only for AC. Yet, you can contact the manufacturer for the DC option.

It features a long power cord to operate effortlessly. The primary length of the power cable is 10 foot and you can go for an upgraded one with up to 95-foot cable. Suitable for a wide range of pumps like septic, portable pump, and sump.

The cable is safe from water. It is coated with PVC and thermoplastic jacket. Moreover, internal construction does have a stainless steel ball with an adjustable counterweight.


  • Simple and powerful
  • Non-toxic polypropylene construction
  • Can operate in high temperature
  • Built-in Honeywell micro switch


  • Long power cable needs additional spending

3. Superior Pump 92000 Tethered Float Switch

The beauty of Superior Pump brand is; they make universal products. That allows you to use the float switch with both regular sump pumps and other pumps. Regardless of the type, you could order one to use at home.

Like other float switches from the brand, this unit also comes with a non-mercury activated style. This is safe and environment friendly. The plastic used in the construction comes in high-quality that the switch sustains for a long time.

The exterior is heavily durable and long-lasting. Inside the switch, it features all-metal construction and keeps it safe. The wire used in it ensures safety in all conditions. This CSA certified unit is ready to perform best with a 120-volt maximum pump running at 10 amps.

It is easy to install and essential installation tools are included. Clamp and mounting brackets are included with the product. A 10-foot long power cord makes it easy to install the switch at a convenient distance.


  • Works with any pump
  • Non-mercury activated
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Durable construction


  • Can't start the pump at full power in empty condition

4. THE BASEMENT WATCHDOG - Universal Replacement Float Switch

Float switch for the sump pump is a great option. If you want superior performance, you need to pick the best sump pump switch. When you have a good budget, don't waste money on cheap products. Alternatively, go for this unit from Basement Watchdog. The switch comes in advanced technology.

The switch comes with a protective cage that keeps it protected and ensures longevity. Debris can't attack the switch and you can leave it to place whether there is a wet condition or dry. Other than that, all materials used in the construction come in good quality.

You can set a pre-depth of water level. So, when the water level goes to the pre-set level, it will turn on the switch. Everything will be automatic and there is nothing to be worried about flooding the basement. There is a secondary switch in it that helps the primary one. It works as a failsafe activator which means if for any reason, the first one doesn't work, it will continue the operation.

Installation doesn't require much effort. Just follow the user manual and get the work done. Despite a high price, it is worth spending on the switch.


  • Protective cage for longevity
  • Dual switch system for safety
  • Preset water level depth system
  • Controller for easy installation


  • It may cause overheating in some cases

5. Parts 2O FP18-15BD-P2 Sump Pump Automatic Float Switch

Struggling with a manual pump that you need to operate manually? Then you need something automatic that gives you relief from the hassle. This Parts 2O FP18-15BD-P2 Sump Pump Float Switch can make your work easier. Particularly, if your previous one is broken and wants to have a good replacement, it should be your pick.

Unlike some so-called universal float switch, this one truly suits for most of the pumps. Whether it is a sump pump or anything else, you could install it. It is designed to operate the pump automatically. No matter whether you are at home or not, it will control the pump. With the preset depth measurement, it identifies if the pump needs to start.

The overall construction of this unit is pretty good and it lasts longer than typical sump pump float switches. Wire design and exterior are safe from water.

Compared to products from other brands, this one requires less hassle in the installation. The piggyback tethered system easily suits to the pump.


  • Top-grade materials
  • Compatible with most pumps
  • Best for longevity
  • Mounting screws included
  • Safety features for protection


  • Little bit costly
  • Cord length is too short

What Is Sump Pump Float Switch?

The sump pump in the basement is crucial when you want to keep the basement dry. But if it is manual, sometimes you won't know when to start the pump and when to turn it off. As a result, flooding could happen. A Sump Pump float switch is the mechanism to control the pump. This particular type of switch comes with a sensor or a mechanism to detect the water level. When it is necessary to turn on the pump, the float switch does with the sensor.

Sump Pump Float Switch Types

Sump pump float switches come in different types though the basic things are same. Here are the types you would find in the market –

Vertical Switch

Among different types, this is the most popular. Vertical switches operate the pump in a pretty straightforward way. It used to come with three different parts which are the switch in a housing, comprises float, and a rod. When the water level rises and the switch reach a certain level, it starts the pump. Again, when the water level starts falling and reaches a certain level, the switch turns the pump off. For small diameter basins, vertical float switches are best.

Tethered Switch

The next popular type of float switch is a tethered switch. They come in the mercury style and also have the piggyback feature. Though this type is relatively cheaper, they are mostly outdated. It comes with a steel ball or mercury and needs to install with the pump or the basic. It connects a cord with the pump. When the water level rises to a particular level, the cord start pivot and the floating switch force the mercury of the steel ball to the bottom. Then the pump starts and removes the excess water. Once the water level falls, the cord reduces the length and turns the pump off.

Diaphragm Switch

Diagram Sump Pump float switches are easy to install and comes with the piggyback system. It activates with pressure and needs to install on the side of the pump's body. When the water level rises, it creates pressure on the switch and when it gets enough pressure, it activates the pump. Again, when the water level reduces, the pressure on it also reduces and turns the pump off.

Sump Pump Float Switch Replacement

If there is previously a sump pump float switch that is connected with the pump and it is not operating properly, you might want to replace it. Well, that is not surprising and so many people are doing that. But before you go for a replacement, you should know that you can't replace a random float switch. It is only possible when the switch is removable.

For instance, if the switch is wired inside the pump, you couldn't be able to replace it. It needs to get the same product from the same manufacturer. But the good thing is, if the sump pump is relatively new, that would support a replacement. Still, if there is an option to replace, it is nothing difficult to do. Just have to buy the right product that suits for a good replacement.

Usually, a vertical float switch for a sump pump is the best option to replace the existing one. Pick the best sump pump float switch and follow the process explained here.

Before you start, make sure that all the connections with the power source are turned off. Whether it is AC or DC, it is mandatory to turn off the connection.

Now you need to remove the existing switch and that may require some hand tools. Don't worry, you may have those tools like screw remover in tools collection. Check how the existing one is installed. If available, check the user manual where you may find the proper guidelines.

Find out the check valve which used to be connected with hose clamps. Loosen the screws and it will release the check valve. Once it is done, you can now remove the pump. If there are other connections, remove them too and pick the pump from its place. Make sure you are not tangling any cord or wire.

Once the pump is removed, you can now remove the switch. Remove the mounting bracket and the clamp. Place the new one according to the user manual. Normally, new sump pump float switches come with installation tools. Use them and secure the switch in place. Connect it with the sump pump and adjust the height.

If everything is done properly, you are ready to use it.


A good sump pump float switch can reduce the hassle of turning the pump on and off. Especially, if you are a super busy person, it might not be wise to use a manual switch. Get the right unit from the above list that suits the style of the pump. All these items are handpicked and have a reputation in the market. Buy the item from the original vendor to avoid any further issues.

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