Top 10 Professional Plumbing Forum list

Nowadays, any professional work uses several online platforms to build a community regarding their profession. These communities prime motives to help each other, share knowledge, and be most important, to increase work efficiency. As a result, at present, we can see online forums have a significant influence when we think about any professional or non-professional activity. Today, we will introduce the Top 10 plumbing forum list from our research to you.

Plumbing Forum

10 Plumbing Forum list

It’s a Professional & DIY Plumbing Forum where thousands of professional Plumbers are active every day. One can ask questions regarding Plumbing help. This forum has more than 2.2k organic visitors every month from Google. On the other hand, they have around 15k members, 17k threads, and 138k messages. Therefore, this forum can be a great source of knowledge for a plumbing help seeker.

To get the best plumbing advice, this forum’s significantly known. To post any questions or to give an answer, you need to sign up or register first. Then, you can ask for any advice here. Hundreds of efficient plumbers are here to give you the best suggestion. This forum has millions of post views and 40k questions. Lastly, we can say it’s a good plumbing advice forum, and its users are increasing with time.

This website makes only based on Plumber’s interest. It’s a plumbing question forum for Canadian people and worldwide as well. Here, you will find all together of plumber industry. Every month more than 6k visitors come to this site from Google to get plumbing advice online. Now, one can imagine how big this forum community. The number of active members of this forum is incredible. Within a few minutes, you’ll get your questions to answer by professionals.


This’s another giant forum site of plumbing industry. Plbg has 50k+ register members, 665K messages and 178k threads. The number is like a deep blue ocean for someone who need online plumbing help.

To get rid of the small problem of our house equipment, this forum has a specialty. One can find a great solution to any micro topic in detail. Therefore, this forum’s popular among not only professional plumbers but also general people. Here, a user will find everything about house instrument repairing. This forum has 16166 members, 212390 messages, and 27070 threads.

With 42.1k posts and 20.1M views, this forum helping thousands of people looking for a plumbing forum. Most of the visitors of this forum come from the USA. ContractorTalk is a platform where they cover all topic those one need to know in the plumbing field. Moderators of the forum are super active, and they work to prevent all the spammy activates.

Besides plumbing help and advice, visitors can up-to-date themselves regarding plumbing-related news in this forum. This forum extends the plumbing community as much as it can. They consist of this website with many plumbing videos and blogs. Per month this forum receives 12k visitors from Google.

The best part about the forum’s a user can live chat with an expert regarding any help. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for a long time to get the answer. By doing a simple registration, anyone can join. On the other hand, more than 500+ members always active online. You can question them category-wise. Lastly, if you need a quick answer, just go to the forum.

This forum gives you the opportunity for temporary membership. One can become a member for 1 hour to lifetime. Dunbar plumbing provides value to its users by providing advice and sharing plumbing knowledge. The professionals in the forum answer water piping, kitchen, toilets, and so many plumbing-related questions.

Houzz is a plate from where you can discuss with professional Plumbers and enhance your knowledge. This forum is quite organized. Users can find a category or topic easily. And all most every topic and question has several answers but an expert. Moreover, here is the filter option; therefore, you can see the latest and popular comment daily, weekly, and monthly.

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