How to Deodorize A Sump Pump? [5 Quick Tips]

Are you tired of smelly sump pumps? Is your pump smelling like rotten eggs? Don’t worry. It’s pretty common for a sump pump to emit an unpleasant smell. And the solution is also very simple.

If you don’t properly maintain your sump pump, It can start to stink and smell. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can deodorize a sump. Apart from using a sump pump deodorizer, you can also try cleaning your sump pump on a regular basis.

A lot of homeowners don’t even know the proper way to prevent sump pump smells. The reason why your sump pump smells like a rotten egg is that the sump pit has dried out.

If left unchecked, this rotten, unpleasant smell can cover the entire basement and even get inside your house. At the first sign of smell, you should deodorize your sump pump.

Tips For Deodorizing A Sump Pump

Here are some useful tips that you can apply if you want to deodorize your sump pump.

1. Using An Air Tight Lid To Keep The Sumo Pit Covered

Using a basin cover is a must if you want to prevent a smelly sump pit. If possible, you should use an airtight lid. If not, try to seal the pit as tight as possible. This way, you will minimize the airflow inside the pit, which will also lessen the chance of bad odors creeping up into your house.

2. Keeping Enough Water In The Pit

It’s common for sump pits to have some standing water inside the pump pit. Don’t let the bottom of the sump pump pit dry out completely. If you keep enough water on the bottom and cover the drain hole, the smell that is inside the pipe will be forced to stay inside.

If you keep the water clean, the suction of the pump and blockage of water will keep any smell from getting out of the pipe and into your home. It’s also a good way of preventing sewer smell in your basement.

3. Disinfecting The Basin Using Bleach

If you want to keep things sanitary, a good way to kill smell-causing germs and bacteria is to clean your sump basin using bleach and hot water. The water that gets inside your basement collects all kinds of debris and chemicals as it goes inside the pit.

Cleaning your sump basin and pump with bleach once per year will kill any bacteria and germs that have built up and living inside the basin. If you don’t do it once a year, these smells causing germs can start quite a stink.

You will also need to kill any odor-causing bacteria inside the basin. One easy way to do that is by scrubbing the basin using diluted bleach and a sponge.

4. Cleaning The Pit Using Vinegar

I know it’s weird but cleaning the sump pit using vinegar can lead to some surprisingly good results. First, take a bucket full of hot water and add a good amount of vinegar. Now, take a sponge and soak it using the mixture.

After that, give a good scrub to the sump pit. Make sure to cover the entire pit. You can also wipe the exterior of your sump pump using this hot water and vinegar mixture. Vinegar and hot water work like a charm when it comes to removing the stinky basement smell that comes from your sump basin.

5. Keeping The Drain Lines Clean

Most of the smell that makes a sump pump stink like rotten eggs come from the drain lines. These damp and dark places are the perfect breeding ground for mildew, mold, and other smells to grow. Since it’s hard to reach and clean, people often don’t try to clean it.

However, if you clean it twice a year, most of the time, you will never have any bad smells coming out from your sum pump. To clean the drain lines, blast hot water using your garden hose. You can also add some soap and a few drops of bleach to the water.

Final Words

These are just some of the DIY methods I’ve seen homeowners do to remove the stinky smell from their sump basin. Different homeowners experience different types of smells.

However, most of these smells can be eliminated if you follow the tips mentioned in this article. And that concludes our article on how to deodorize a sump pump.

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