6 Best Water Guns For Adults in 2021 – Unbiased Reviews

Best Water Guns For Adults

Are you an adult who still wants to have fun with a water gun? No problems! Adults can still enjoy water guns, whether it is for fun beach parties or alternatives to paintball. There are a select number of water rifles that can be suitable for adults to use without feeling too small or awkward in the person’s hands.

In this review, we will be showing you to six different water guns from brands like Nerf, Neliblu and Feebria. Not all water guns are the same, so each gun has its share of good and not-so-good traits. In our conclusion, we will recommend only the best water gun for you and the best for your money.

Without further ado, here are our picks for water guns for adults.

Comparison Of Top Water Guns For Adults






Nerf Super Soaker Scatterblast Blaster

Pump Action Rifle

22 oz

24 feet

SUPERSOAKER Nerf Breach Blast (Editors Choice)

Pump Action Rifle

50 oz

35 feet

Neliblu Water Squirting Guns




JOYIN Super Water Blaster With High Capacity

Pump Action Rifle

25 oz

36 feet

Feebria Water Guns for Both Kids and Adults

Pump Action Rifle


30 feet

POKONBOY Large Capacity Water Guns

Pump Action Rifle

16 oz

35 feet

Recommended 6 Best Water Guns For Adults Review

1. Nerf Super Soaker water gun - Scatterblast Blaster

Nerf is undoubtedly the king of the water rifle with their Super Soaker brand since 1989. The Scatterblast is a basic-looking Super Soaker pump action rifle, but it does has some interesting features that make it stand out.

This gun has a total of five nozzles on it. When you pull the lever, water shoots out all five nozzles at the same time. Just imagine a basic stream of water and multiply that by five, and you have the Scatterblast.

This gun can shoot water from up to 34 feet away. This is a nice, long distance gun that can fire water in a nice arch if you shoot upwards at the right angle. We really enjoy how water comes out of this gun. This gun has 22 ounces of water capacity. It’s not the best, but it definitely is not the worst, either.

This gun also has a flip-up sight that you can look into in order to aim. However, this is not really a functional addition, and more like a cosmetic one. Because this is a pump action gun, the sight is not all that useful when you need the gun to constantly move.

This makes the aim rather jerky, so the sight is just a cosmetic addition and does not improve anyone’s aim in the slightest. We like to keep the sight down and just spray as normal.


  • Can be fired from a long distance
  • Uses five nozzles at once
  • Comes in bright colors


  • Nozzle sight is not that purposeful

2. SUPERSOAKER Nerf Breach Blast Review

This is another popular Super Soaker gun from Nerf: The Breach Blast. It looks basic, but it is very effective and adults can have a blast with it. It comes in orange, white, blue and green in color.

Each water gun holds up to fifty ounces of water, which is more than enough to soak the competition. It will take quite a while for you to empty this gun, but that is not a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination.

The distance that this gun can spray is at least 35 feet in length, and that is just about as far as you can get with a pump-action rifle. You can enjoy some fun, long-distance water battle with your friends.

This surprisingly is also a pretty light gun; weighing only a pound. For adults to carry this gun around, it can be just as mobile as using a handgun, but you would still require two hands to get it to fire, of course.

The caveat to this gun is that it will gradually leak water. This means that you can never have a completely full tank. No matter if you are firing the gun constantly or not, water will trickle out form a small hole somewhere in the gun. We do not feel that this is intentional by NERF, but this means that you can run out of water sooner than expected.


  • Holds a lot of water
  • Can be fired from a long distance
  • Comes in bright colors
  • Is not that heavy to hold


  • Guns might have leaks

3. Neliblu Water Squirting Guns Review

Neliblu has a pack of 24 water squirt guns that are cheap, plastic and multicolored. If you have a posse of lighthearted friends, these would be great short term solutions for parties and vacations.

The guns vary from futuristic ray guns to old fashioned revolvers, and come in the six basic colors of the color spectrum.

These are rather small handguns, but adults can use them thanks to their trigger areas that are large enough for any sized hand.

20 of these guns are also a snap to refill. Simply remove the top caps, submerge them underwater and voila. You have a full tank of water. While these guns do not carry much water, the ease of refilling them may make up for it. The other four guns have designated tanks for water, which you would need to unscrew, submerge in water and then screw back on.

The problem with this pack of guns is that the odds of having a whole pack of guns that work just fine are very slim. 25 percent of them at most will have defects. Either they leak, they fail to squirt much water and more. It’s great that there is enough here for all your friends to enjoy, but you would like to have as many working spare guns as possible for all of your outings.


  • Comes in a set of 24
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Are easy to refill
  • Is not that heavy to hold


  • Not all of them work well

4. JOYIN Super Water Blaster With High Capacity

This next set of water guns is from Joyin. In this bundle are two high-quality pump action rifle water blasters, each with different colors that can tell them apart. They are both nearly 16 inches from back to front.

It shoots water by you simply pulling the lever. It can carry up to 25 ounces of water at once, which is a decent amount of water by Nerf and another high quality brand of water gun standards.

The maximum distance of these guns are thirty six feet in length, which is more than impressive for any plastic water gun. These guns can be fired from long distances all across the neighborhood, with no questions asked.

These guns are also made of some thick and high-quality plastic. They will not leak easily or come with holes, so rest assured that these are guns that do not come defected.

However, if the manufacturer won’t make mistakes, the transportation just might. When these guns are transported, they can crack and break during shipping. With that said, look for these guns in store, if you can. If you can only buy these guns online, you just have to hope that they arrive safely.


  • Holds a lot of water
  • Can be fired from a long distance
  • Comes in a set of two
  • Comes in bright colors


  • Guns might come cracked

5. Feebria Water Guns for Both Kids and Adults

This next pack of water guns are tube-like pump action rifles that are easily designed and a breeze to fire. They are both the same colors, but one handle has a different molded shape than the other.

This gun can shoot water at about thirty feet in length, and this is a very decent distance. The guns claim to be “very high-capacity”, but there is no limit given on how many ounces of water that each of them hold.

These are easy guns to shoot. Just simply pull on its green body and water comes out of its five nozzles. Rather than one nozzle, more water is sprayed at a time.

To refill the gun, submerge it in water and twist it slightly to allow water to fill up inside. This is very easy to get water this way, and if you do not have a pool or sink with water, you can still pour water inside by detaching the handle.

This is also a lightweight gun, which is 1.1 pounds in weight. This means that you can move it around freely without worrying about it bogging you down too much.

The problem with these guns is that they will give you quite the workout for shooting them. They require a substantial amount of muscle power, which is certainly not the case with handguns, or even other pump action rifle water guns for that matter. While you are an adult, this might not be an issue, but you would likely rather select a water gun that doesn’t require energy of your own to use.


  • Comes in a set of two
  • Are easy to refill
  • Is not that heavy to hold
  • Uses five nozzles at once
  • Can be fired from a long distance


  • Pumping requires power

6. POKONBOY Large Capacity Water Guns

This final pack of guns for adults is another two-pack from Pokonboy. These are two pump action rifles that come in the basic, orange, lime green, blue and white color scheme.

One is primarily white while the other is mainly blue. These are very similar to Freebia’s guns, but rest assured, they are nowhere near the same look.

You can spray this water gun at 35 feet. This is just about as far away as you can shoot a water gun. Refilling this water gun is a snap. Just remove the orange cap and pour water in under a sink or water spigot.

These guns are made of environmental ABS plastic, and there are no sharp edges, so you will not accidentally cut up your arms or fingers. Each of these water guns also weighs just one pound, so they are fairly easy to move around in front of you.

What we do not like about these water guns is that they are rather small. If they were handguns, they would be fine, but these are pump action rifles, where you would expect to carry much more water with two hands. These guns are only about a foot long, and they only carry about 15 ounces of water each.


  • Comes in a set of two
  • Are easy to refill
  • Is light in weight
  • Can be fired from a long distance


  • Does not carry much water

What To Look For Choosing The Right Adult Water Gun

No two water guns are exactly the same. Water gun manufacturers develop their water guns in many different sizes, shapes and with different aspects and additions. There are primarily two types of water guns, with more unique guns being more obscure. We will only be talking about the water pistol and the pump action rifle here.

Water Pistol

Water pistols are the oldest known type of water gun, and they are still rather common today. They are small, portable and work easily just by pulling on its trigger like you would with a real gun.

The two downsides to water pistols are that they cannot carry much water at a time, and they do not have much water pressure. Most of them are not capable of spraying water at a long distance, and they need a refilling in just a short period of time.

Pump Action Guns

Pump action guns are larger water guns, requiring the user to pump a lever in order for water to come out. A small trigger will not be enough to spray water in this gun, so the pump is a must. There are, however, some pump action guns that come with both a finger trigger and a pump action level, in which the lever works to work water into a pressure chamber, and the trigger is used to fire. This is so that when you press the trigger, water sprays out at a long distance.

Pump action guns are more powerful than water pistols, generally. They can hold much more water and shoot it at far distances. The downside to pump action guns is that you cannot spray water continuously, and you will need to constantly need to pump the lever to continue firing, even if you also have a finger trigger.

Adults can use both types of water guns for enjoyment, but usually, pump action rifles are better in most scenarios for a number of reasons.

Water Capacity

Water capacity means how many ounces of water that a water gun can hold. Companies can measure in ounces, liters and even milliliters, but ounces is the one that we use to compare two different water capacities. The bigger the water capacity, the more water that a gun can hold and the longer it will take for that gun to empty. If you intend to have long water fights with friends, you will want a water gun with a large capacity. Small water handguns will carry about three ounces. In comparison, the largest known water guns can carry around 80 ounces; That’s five pounds of water, but adults should manage to carry it.


On the gun’s product page or packaging, you should be able to find the weight of the gun as well as how heavy the water tank is, if applicable. Because children are young and small, the size of the gun is known to be a factor, but for adults, not so much. If you want the biggest gun, most adults can manage to carry it effectively and trouble-free.

Toddlers Vs. Adults Water Gun

As mentioned previously, because adults are generally larger than children, they are more capable of carrying the largest and heaviest of water guns. With that said, adults can carry a wider selection of water guns than children until they reach a certain age.

When playing with children, even if you are a child yourself, you have to be careful around other children. Water is relatively harmless towards children, but one false move could cause an injury. A knee-jerk reaction of some sort, a wrong move, can cause a child to fall, stub a body part or any other mishap may occur. While Nerf and other water gun companies make their guns with the safest plastic possible, that isn’t to say that every outing will go off without a hitch.

When playing with other adults, you are not required to be as careful, but some degree of care must still be heavily considered. More aggressive horseplay can be tolerated for friends who are more athletic and coordinated. Of course, your friends will be less likely to get hurt or cry if you spray them too aggressively, so there is no need to hold back, unless your friend isn’t all that tough to begin with.

When playing with water guns in general, never shoot in a person’s face or eyes. You are risking a serious injury for someone no matter what the age is.

Disadvantage of Water Guns

Compared to other toys, such as water balloons, which also can appeal to adults, there are some downsides to owning water guns. These are some things that adults, children and families alike can experience that would make them more of a hassle than an enjoyment.


Because water guns have an irregular shape to them, they are awkward to fit inside of a box of other belongings. They can also occupy a lot of space and make things more complicated to fit other items or objects. When compared to water balloons, there is virtually no storage necessary, because one water balloons are popped, they need to be discarded and not stored like a toy.


Water guns for adults can be considered a safety hazard because of their large and bulky nature. During a water gun fight, somebody could slip on a water gun and get hurt. Water guns can also hurt a person just be stepping on them. Their hard plastic shells can possibly puncture the skin causing any nagging harm to a person, no matter if it is a child or an adult. Compared to water balloons, the balloons are less of a hazard, as it is very unlikely for a balloon to be slipped on the ground that is unpopped.


If you are more geared towards a one-time use of water guns, you will find that they will cost more than buying a bag or bundle of water balloons. Water guns will not break or pop after using them, but they are relatively cheaper, if money is a high priority for you. There are cheap packs of water guns that you can buy, but if you are interested in owning a serious water gun, you can spend somewhere between 20 to 30 dollars each.

Final Verdict

The best water guns for adults, after careful deliberation, is the SUPERSOAKER Nerf Breach Blast. Nerf is not the leader in water guns for nothing, and the Breach Blast here makes that statement perfectly clear.

If you are serious about having the best water gun fight with other adult friends, you will each need to buy the Breach Blast and spray each other at the longest distances possible. These guns simply hold the most water, allowing you to keep spraying for a long time.

For a runner-up, we also recommend the Feebria Water Guns, which comes in a bundle of two. They are very easy to refill if you intend to use them at a pool party, but they can be quite demanding to pump and spray water from, even for adults.

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