Best Sump Pump Reviews in 2021 – Top Picks and Buyer Guide

Before you shout, "Shit! There is water in the basement," do yourself a favor and get yourself the best sump pump on the market. A residential sump pump will eventually fail, but the time frame is higher on the high-end models.

If you want to get the most reliable sump pump, don't spend your money on a cheap sump pump. They are not worth it. You never know when the motor on your pump will go bad.

This is something a lot of homeowners tend to neglect. However, considering all of these factors, we have come up with a list of the best rated sump pumps that are proven to last long and very reliable.

Here are the best sump pump you can buy:

What Need to See Before Buying a Right Sump Pump?

This is a short buying guide that will focus on only the important things that you need to consider before you buy your very first sump pump or want to replace your existing pump.

Power Source

Submersible units are operated using electricity. Pedestal units can be operated via both electricity and battery. Battery back-up models rely on a battery, obviously. And water-powered units don't need battery or electricity to run.

Keep your primary unit connected via an electric cable. And when the power goes out, install a secondary or a backup unit. Your backup pump can either be water-powered or battery powered.


If you don't have any budget constraints, try to get the most durable pump you can find on the market. This will ensure that the pump won't fail during heavy water buildup.

Look for durable steel or cast-iron units. The motor construction is also important. On the other hand, if you are on a tight budget, thermoplastic units can be a good option.

Water Flow (Pumping Capacity)

Most of the sump pumps that are designed for residential use will have a powerful enough motor to keep the water out of your basement. In terms of water flow, it is measured in GPH. It stands of gallons per hour.

For example, if you already had a pump that had a 1/3-HP motor, and your basement was still filling up with water despite your pump continuously running, then it is a clear sign that you will need to upgrade the pump.

As for the pumping capacity, it will be rated by the manufacturer. For example, you will see something like 1800 GPH at 0', 1200 GPH at 10', and so on. 


You will only realize how important your sump pump is when there are heavy rain and snowmelt. Since these pumps are only used during our critical times, such as bad weather, you don’t want the pump to fail. Not especially during those crucial times.

Now, how to find the most reliable sump pump? Check the user reviews. In this case, you can rely on us. We have handpicked only the best pumps that are guaranteed to not let you down.

Also, brand value is important. You won’t go wrong with a product from a reputable brand in the plumbing industry.

Ease Of Installation

In terms of installation, submersible sump pumps are fairly easy to install. On the other hand, water-powered models will require moderate plumbing skills. Pedestal units are by far the easiest as you only need to work with PVC pipes.

Read on in the slides below to check out our top picks in 2021

Which type of sump pump is best? Well, let's find out. Here is a list of 10 of the top-rated sump pumps that should help your keep your basement dry.

Best Budget Sump Pump - Superior 91250

Superior Pump 91250 1/4 HP Thermoplastic Utility Pump

If you are wondering, who makes the most reliable sump pump? Well, the answer is Superior Pump. This utility pump doubles as a sump pump. All you need is a float switch and surprise; you go yourself a quality sump pump. The Superior 91250 is truly built to last.

This utility pump features a powerful 1/4 HP motor that is capable of moving 540 gallons of water per hour at 20'. This means it will move 1200 GPH at 10' and 1800 GPH at 0'. The maximum lift capacity is up to 25' of vertical height. Keep in mind that this is our budget pick.

This means you are getting thermoplastic constructed and not cast iron or stainless steel. However, you can also find those models from the same manufacturer. The internals are solid. On the motor plate, there are double O-ring seals, and the split capacitors are electronically controlled.

The motor is thermally protected and designed for continuous duty. On the unit itself, you will find filters to prevent debris from entering the impeller. The filer is removable and easy to clean. Just make sure to get a float switch to use this as a sump pump.

Pros: Best budget submersible water pump; High performance in a small, efficient package; Longer lasting motor; Doubles as a utility pump

Cons: This one is a beast of a pump, nothing to nitpick about

Best Overall Sump Pump - WAYNE CDU980E

WAYNE CDU980E 3/4 HP Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Pump

WAYNE, the most trusted name in the sump pump industry. Why? There are three reasons I can think of. All of their pumps come tested to 1 million cycles. These heavy-duty sump pumps are assembled in the USA. Finally, the pumps are famous for their ultra-quiet operation.

Basically, what you are getting from the WAYNE CDU980E are energy-efficient motor, premium components, and their proprietary integrated float switch. The WAYNE CDU980E is one of the most powerful sump pumps on the market. This submersible sump pump is designed to fit in any application.

As for the performance, this powerful pump can lift 4600 gallons of water per hour at 10ft. In all the submersible sump pump reviews we have done, this one has the highest discharge lift. It's a fully submersible unit the features a durable stainless-steel body.

In addition to that, the pump has premium cast iron bottom construction. If you were searching for the best submersible sump pump, look no further than the WAYNE CDU980E. It's also one of the most energy-efficient sump pumps on the market at a reasonable price.

Pros: Vertical float switch design; Durable stainless steel and cast-iron construction; A powerful 3/4 HP motor with an amazing pumping capacity; Super quiet operation

Cons: Flimsy float switch

Best Battery Backup Sump Pump - Wayne WSS30VN

Wayne WSS30VN Combination 12-Volt Battery Back Up System

The Wayne WSS30VN is a complete sump pump kit that is ideal for emergency situations like when the power goes out, and there is water in your basement that needs to be taken care of. It's a battery backup sump pump but doesn't come with a battery.

For maximum performance, it's recommended that you use a size 27 deep cycle marine/RV battery. If you have some cash to spare, go with an AGM type. Trust me; this will pay off eventually. This unit will be the only thing that will keep your basement dry when there is a power outage.

This is a heavy-duty pump that runs quietly. It's also very powerful. However, it does have some minor design flaws. The float switch on this one isn't designed like a typical float switch. Furthermore, once the pump gets activated, there is an alarm that will run for 20 seconds and go off after that.

This might make you feel a bit irritated. Apart from that, there isn't that much else to say. This is a good option if you want a reliable and powerful backup sump pump that is battery operated. Just make sure to install the magnetic float switch vertically and get a good AGM type marine battery.

Pros: The best high-volume battery back-up pump; Epoxy coated steel body; Durable cast iron base; Two in one system

Cons: A little bit expensive for what it is

Best Pedestal Sump Pump - Superior 92301

Superior Pump 92301 1/3 HP Cast Iron Pedestal Sump Pump

If you are not a big fan of submersible pumps and want a pedestal unit instead, the Superior Pump 92301 is for you. This one is, without a doubt, the best pedestal pump on the market. It's powerful, runs surprisingly quiet even though it's a pedestal model and lasts longer.

If I were to choose between a submersible unit and a pedestal unit, I would always prefer a pedestal sump pump. It's not like I'm an old school person or anything. The major advantage of this type of pump is that they are very easy to maintain. The motor is at the top and stays away from water.

This allows you to make quick adjustments on the go. When something gets damaged, you can easily fix it. Since the motor is at the top of the housing, it becomes very easy to maintain from time to time. Now, Superior Pump 92301 is actually very durable.

You are getting a solid cast iron and stainless-steel construction. In addition to that, the 1/3 HP superior motor is thermally protected and designed for continuous use. Stainless steel impeller and driveshaft are just icing on the cake. If that's not all, even the float switch is made using metal and uses an SS rod guide.

Pros: Very durable and performs just as great; Premium components used; Very easy to install

Cons: Can suck up debris

Best Water Powered Sump Pump - Liberty SJ10

Liberty Pumps SJ10 SumpJet Water Powered Back-Up Pump

We wouldn't be able to call this a best sump pumps guide if we didn't include a water-powered sump pump. The Liberty Pumps SJ10, aka the SumpJet, is still at the top of the hill when it comes to water-driven backup pumps. The SJ10 is compact, efficiently designed, and works as advertised.

We have a separate article dedicated to water-driven units. If you want, you can check that out. It comes fully assembled and ready to be installed. Now, as for the installation, you will need but some other parts like check valves and backflow preventers.

Also, hire a professional to install this one. Installing a water-powered backup system requires a lot of work and plumbing skills. You also need to ensure you have a constant supply of city water at moderate pressure.

Now, as for the pump itself, there is not much to say about. It has a wide range of acceptable inlet supply pressure, which means the maximum and minimum value is right where it should be. The minimum PSI is 20, and the maximum PSI is 100.

Pros: It comes completely assembled; The fully automatic water driver unit; Reputed manufacturer; Highly reliable water-powered pump

Cons: Doesn't come with backflow protection

Best Submersible Sump Pump - Zoeller M53

Zoeller M53 Mighty-mate Submersible Sump Pump

In the fourth position, we have the classic Zoeller M53. This one is still the primary go-to submersible sump pump of many contractors and plumbers. It's a 1/3 HP submersible unit that features a durable cast iron housing. The moto is oil-filled and features thermal overload protection.

While there is no official lift rate, the only information I was able to find is that it has roughly 45 GPM. Let me break it down in GPH. At 0 feet, you can expect around 2680 GPH. At 10 feet, it is around 2040 GPH.

If only Zoeller fixed some minor flaws, this would have easily taken our number 1 spot. If you want a submersible unit that can run 10 to 12 hours a day without breaking a sweat, this is the one. It can run for that long nonstop.

The only issue I was able to find is that it tends to get clogged easily. The metal-air hole sucks up solids and clogs the hose. It's either that or the metal hole will rust. The solution is to drill a small 3/8th inch weep hole. That way, the pump can self-prime, and you can enjoy a worry-free rainy season. 

Pros: Can run for hours a day; Very durable and amazing lifespan; Pretty quiet and powerful

Cons: Minor design flaw

Up next, we have a popular submersible pump, and this time, it's from WAYNE, again. The WAYNE WWB WaterBUG is a multi-use pump. Keep in mind that this isn't designed to be your main primary sump pump. However, this small pump has its own sets of uses.

The unique feature of this pump is its Multi-flo technology. Thanks to this feature, you can easily select the appropriate discharge (side & top) for the application. If you want water removed from flat surfaces like flooded basements, flat roofs, and still water in your yard, the side-discharge is ideal for cases like these.

On the other hand, the top discharge is ideal for removing water from tight spaces. For example, buckets and window wells. It has a 30 feet max head that can remove water down to 1/16-inch. This means the pump is able to make your basement virtually dry.

All in all, this is a great unit to purchase if you need to remove water from a couple of different areas around your home. It has an amazing float rate. The maximum pumping capacity, aka flow rate of this pump is 900 GPH at 10'. If you have a problem removing water, you can rely on the WaterBug to save the day.

Pros: Small, portable, and powerful; Two discharge adapters; Multi-purpose pump; Pumps out water very fast

Cons: Not a sump pump

The BW1050 can truly be a watchdog for your basement. Ironically, it's the name of the manufacturer. This submersible sump pump from THE BASEMENT WATCHDOG is able to pump 4400 gallons of water per hour at 0ft. At 10ft, this pump is able to achieve 3540 GPH.

This is an energy-efficient sump pump that is powered by a 1/2 HP motor. The motor also features permanent split capacitors. While most submersible units have one float switch, this one comes with two of them. For added redundancy, the two float switches are housed in a protective cage.

It's easy to install and has a closely mounted top discharge nozzle. What really amazes me the most is the dual float system. This one is the best in the business. If you are looking for the best value for the float and pump system, this might just be the one that you are looking for.

Most of the homeowners who bought this pump use it as their back-up system. If you have a home backup generator, this AC pump can serve as a backup pump. You can also wire it with a battery system. Thanks to its narrow base diameter, this one is ideal for tight spots.

Pros: An ultra-compact design ideal for tight spots; Small yet very powerful; The pump is rated for continuous load; Good customer service from the manufacturer

Cons: Not completely rustproof

WaterAce 1/2 HP WA50PSV submersible Pump

The final product in this list is a submersible sump pump from WaterAce. The WA50PSV is one of the best home sump pumps on the market. It is submersible and provides smooth and quiet operation. The model we have here has a vertical switch.

Additionally, you can also go with a wide-angle switch. The motor on this pump is housed in an anodized aluminum housing. It keeps the motor cool and allows for longer run time. The thermoplastic impeller has a semi-open design.

Thanks to this design, the pump can receive solids up to 3/8 inch. If you don't have a lot of water to deal with, save some money and go with the 0.5 HP version. Alternatively, you can also choose the 1/3 HP version if you need more power. The max flow rate of this pump at 0ft is 3300 GPH.

The unit has an adjustable rubber stopper that allows you to adjust the float to a certain height. Even though this one is considered as one the smaller pumps, it has a surprisingly good pumping capacity.

Pros: Good value for the money; Compact form factor; Easy to set up; Powerful and quiet

Cons: Works as advertised

Finally, a deep well submersible pump from Hallmark Industries. Let me start off by saying that the MA0343X-4 is a powerful pump. Even if you have high standards, this pump will far exceed them. There are reviews saying that this pump can run nonstop for six months without breaking any sweat.

As far as I know, and I might be wrong, but this is the only pump on the market that can run without a pressure switch. Keep in mind that when you are wiring this one, use heat shrink. Regular tape won't work. It works great for the price. The only issue I found is that the wiring cable is a bit short.

At this price point, it doesn't make any sense to expect that much. Installation is pretty straightforward. A good novice can easily figure the whole process out. It doesn't need any starter control box because it comes with one built-in.

It's a 110V 60Hz pump that has a 1/2 HP motor. The pump has a stainless-steel body and is suitable for 5" or bigger well. One thing I would like to point out is that there are two variations of this model. One is the 110V version, and the other one is the 230V version.

Pros: No need for an external control box; Ideal water well pump for the money; It doesn't require a pressure switch; Long lifespan and runs continuously

Cons: Doesn't come with a pump protector

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do I Know If My Sump Pump Is Going Bad?

If your pump starts to make a strange noise, this is a sign that the pump is going bad. Other signs of a pump that is going bad are excessive vibrations, continuous pumping even when there is not water, visible rust, the service life of 7 years, or more.

2. Can A Sump Pump Get Clogged?

Yes. It's a common problem amongst sump pumps. There are many ways your pump can get clogged. A pump is a mechanical device, and with any mechanical devices that deal with water, they are prone to get clogged.

If you have a pedestal unit, keep the sump basin clean and free from debris and dirt. Also, make sure the drain tile is properly installed. Always put a lid on your sump. Otherwise, you will end up with a dirty and clogged sump pump.

Also, the float switch can easily get clogged or jam. Keep it clean and perform regular maintenance.

3. What Should I Do If My Sump Pump Burns Out?

Get another one. If you think that the problem is fixable, hire a pro and inspect the pump. The chances are that the motor can still be fixed. The main reason why a moto burns out is because of continuous pumping.

Most of the time, a faulty float switch can make a pump run continuously. If your sump pump keeps on running and you see signs of motor burnout, replacing the float switch might fix the problem.

4. How Can I Find Sump Pump Service Near Me?

Go to google and type "sump pump service near me." Make sure to turn on your location for the best results. You can also contact your nearby neighbors to see if they have any recommendations.

If I were you, I would rely on Roto-Rooter for all of my plumbing works. They have been proudly serving the USA homeowners for over 80 years. If you are looking for the best sump-pump repair services, this is the company to trust.


So, as you already know, there are different types of sump pumps, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. If I had to pick one of them, it's not possible. You see, there is no product that I can crown as the top sump pumps on the market.

If you prefer submersible units, go with the Superior 91250. If you prefer something more classic, choose the Zoeller M53. Zoeller is one of the best sump pump brands on the market.

On the other hand, the Liberty Pumps SJ10 is popular amongst homeowner that prefer water driver units. For well pumps, I would recommend Hallmark and their lineup of well pumps.

Finally, if you want battery backup units, you can turn any submersible or pedestal pump into a battery-powered pump. Speaking of pedestal pumps, there is hardly any pump that can go toe to toe with the Superior Pump 92301.

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