5 Best Sump Pump Alarm in 2021 | Reviewed and Buying Guide

Sump pump is great for home but it can’t tell you when you need to start the pump. The homeowner needs to know that the water level is rising. Otherwise, it may end up with a flooded basement. Don’t worry! There is an effective solution to get rid of the issue. All you have to do is getting the best sump pump alarm. The alarm system alerts users to start the pump and remove excess water.

Pair the alarm with a good sump pump and get the overall safety. So, where to get the best one? In this article we are aiming to find out the top products out of the crowd by analyzing features and benefits. Let’s dive in …

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Superior Pump 92060 Sump Alarm System

(Most Popular)

Basement Watchdog High Water Alarm For Sump Pump

Zoeller 10-4011 - Water Alarms For Sump Pumps

Zircon Leak Alert - Best Wifi Sump Pump Alarm
(Best Overall)

Reliance Controls THP205 Reliance Sump Pump Alarm

5 Best Sump Pump Alarm Reviews

We have done our research considering the most essential facts and features. After analyzing the features of many products with better customer feedback, we have finalized 5 of them.

1. Superior Pump 92060 - Best Sump Pump Alarm System

Superior Pump 92060 - Best Sump Pump Alarm System

If we consider an all-in-one sump pump alarm, this Superior Pump 92060 would be the great pick. With a fair price, this alarm system could save the sump pump. Definitely, you could get some fancy products with tons of features, but when it is about the performance, you can rely on this item.

The main body is constructed from molded plastic which certainly not the most expensive one but the very best one within the price. The plastic body is durable enough to support it for years. the alarm system monitors the water level in the sump and holding tanks to give the update. There is no way of keeping the pump running when the basement is already dry.

The alarm system of this unit works with a 9-volt battery backup. When it is alarming, it creates 87 dB sound which is easy to hear from a longer distance.

Installation is easy and user-friendly. There is no additional equipment requires for the installation. The mounting clip is included with it. Comes with a 15-foot long cable to install at a convenient distance.


  • Water-resistant float cord
  • Stainless steel clamp
  • Automatic alarm reset system
  • Ease of installation


  • Battery is not included

2. Basement Watchdog - High Water Alarm For Sump Pump

Basement Watchdog - High Water Alarm For Sump Pump

You could choose something fancy with a higher price or something basic that works properly. If you have a tight budget and only the alarm system is enough, you should grab this unit from Basement Watchdog. This basic alarm system can prevent the damage for the sump pump by letting the user know when to turn on the pump.

As the price is very low, it doesn't come with the best plastic but with a good molded construction. The material is known for durability. Moreover, as you are going to place the alarm beside the water source, this prevents the interior.

Despite a low priced product, it can detect so many things for the pump. The first notable thing is, it can detect the leaks before it can damage the pump. It will instantly let you know when a small portion of water is stored in the basement. The sensor works pretty well and the alarm system makes loud alarm which is 110 dB

It doesn't require any installation. Just place the alarm near the water level and it is enough.


  • Best one for the money
  • Loud alarming system
  • Simple and easy to operate
  • No installation required


  • No additional connection for smart devices

3. Zoeller 10-4011 - Water Alarms For Sump Pumps

Zoeller 10-4011 - Water Alarms For Sump Pumps

Zoeller is a popular name for sump pumps and its accessories. Keeping their reputation, they have designed this topnotch sump pump alarm that has advanced features. If you like smart things for the home, going to like this a lot.

Unlike the typical sump pump alarm systems, this Zoeller 10-4011 one has high-end features so that you don't miss anything. It can ensure the water level in the basement is remaining in a safe position. For any busy person, this item could be a blessing. Besides the alarm system, it features LED on the body.

It ensures both durability and smooth operation. The body comes with molded plastic which is fairly durable and long-lasting. To operate the alarm, it requires 2AA batteries. However, you don't need to replace the batteries frequently as it consumes low power.

Despite a high-end product, installation is straightforward. Set the alarm at a convenient place to detect the water level. Comes with the stainless steel clamp to fit the pump. With a longer power cord, it is possible to install at a distant place from the pump.


  • Low battery consumption
  • LED on the body
  • Features a reset button
  • Long power cable for convenience
  • Rigid body for long-lasting


  • It is a pricey product
  • Doesn't come with battery

4. Zircon Leak Alert - Best Wifi Sump Pump Alarm

Zircon Leak Alert - Best Wifi Sump Pump Alarm

Without any doubt, we can say this is the era of smart things. Everything is getting smarter and why not a smart sump pump alarm! Yes, you can grab a smart alarm system to detect the water leakage at a reasonable price. Zircon brought this product (Zircon Leak Alert) with some amazing features that users love.

Unlike only a loud annoying alarm, it features Email, Audio and Visual Alerts. No matter where you are or whatever you are doing, this alarm can send the notification. With Wi-Fi connectivity, it is very easy to connect through smart devices. If any water leakage happens, it immediately sends an email. Nothing to be worried when Wi-Fi connectivity is off, it also features loud alarm.

Though it is meant to be a sump pump alarm, it is actually a versatile one. For any place like school, office, or home, this fits perfectly. Also, besides sump pumps, it performs great with sinks, basins, and other places to detect leakage.

Installation is easy and no wiring required. It is a kind of automatic alarm for leakage detection and works with batteries.


  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Versatile performance
  • Multiple alerts with loud audio
  • Continuously monitor the water source


  • No option for AC power

5. Reliance Controls THP205 - Reliance Sump Pump Alarm

Reliance Controls THP205 - Reliance Sump Pump Alarm

Are you looking for a simple but effective sump pump alarm? Then you should go for this Reliance Controls THP205 alarm system. Though it doesn't have the so-called fancy features, still it does a great job to give an alert at the right time.

When the basement is getting flooded, the alarm system lets the user know. It is easy for this unit to prevent water damage. The music tone is available to set as the alarm sound. No matter if you are at a certain distance, with 105 dB loud alarm, it can send the signal.

The alarm features a sensor on it that easily detects the water level and sends the alert. With a longer cord, it is easy to set at a distance place from the power source.

Installation doesn't require heavy works. It's easy peasy. Just mount the alarm on the wall and make sure it is remaining dry. However, the mounting kit is not included.


  • Reasonable price
  • 6-foot wire with a sensor
  • Loud music alarm
  • Operates with standard 9V battery


  • No clamp or mounting clip
  • Not much durable

What Is Sump Pump Alarm?

A sump pump alarm is a device that comes with a mechanism to give an alert when the water level reaches a certain level. The alarm system used to make a loud sound to know when it is time to turn on the pump. It allows the user to stay damage-free from water. Based on models and prices, the features may vary.

How to Install a Sump Pump Alarm?

You may have got the best sump pump alarm, but without the proper installation, it won't perform well. As a result, it may not give the best performance. Be aware of installing the device in the right manner. Only then the alarm system can do what it is meant to be.

However, installing an alarm system won't be the same for each product available in the market. Some items may come with smart features and some may with only the basic things. For smart devices, it will take additional steps for the installation. Here I am going to talk about the general instructions that you could follow.

The first thing you should do is bring out the user manual and read it thoroughly. Though it is boring, still it is important to know the product. There must have some images that show a process. Now keep that in mind and start the installation. If the alarm comes with batteries, it is great. Otherwise, find the best battery so that it gives enough backup. However, some items may come with AC power or dual power.

Start with some small tools like the screwdriver and go for it. If the product comes with a clamp, use that one or buy additionally. Find out a place where the main body remains safe. Even it is named as water-resistant, keep it in a dry place. Mount the alarm with a clamp to the pump. Check the power cable length and choose the place accordingly. Also, consider the water height which you consider as danger. Set the height of the alarm accordingly.

Now set the alarm from the beginning. The alarm should be a reset button. Use the button and set it. Check for the audio level to ensure it is working and making enough sound to notice.

How to Pick the Best Sump Pump Alarm?

You don't want to waste money, right? So, when buying a new product, make sure that you have checked the following things –


The first thing that needs to ensure is the selected item is durable. Because the alarm will be in a place where anything could happen. Especially, water can easily damage the body. So, look for top-grade materials in the main body. For low priced products, try to pick something that is constructed from molded plastic. It is known for its durability. Also, the wire should be strong enough to support the alarm system. Some items come with water-resistant wire which is great.


Though the main goal of all sump pump alarms is the same, still you should check what are the features that product offering. For instance, some alarm comes with only with the audio while some may come additional features. The Zircon Leak Alert in the above list comes with Wi-Fi connectivity. Which means you can add your device with it to get the alert. Consider the features carefully to ensure the product will meet your demand.

Dual Power

Sump pump alarms mostly come with battery power. Usually, the battery needs to purchase separately and then have to place it and operate the alarm. But it is always better to get something with the dual battery. The benefit is, dual power system allows you to keep the alarm workable at any condition.

Easy Installation

Already discussed that proper installation is crucial to get the best performance. But the problem is, some alarms in the market come with advanced features and need expert help. Try to avoid them or you will end up with frustration. Look for products that rated as DIY installation. Otherwise, you will have to pay a plumber to fit a simple alarm system.


The price of a sump pump alarm varies based on different factors. Always, consider a fair budget so that you don't miss the essential features. Usually, if the product comes with top-class materials, the price increases. But it is not mandatory to go for them. Another fact is, for advanced features and smart features, the price will increase. If your main goal is only getting the alert with an alarm, no need to spend on those advanced products. To grab the best one within your budget, sort out the products that are within the budget. Now check the features and customer feedback and finalize one accordingly.

FAQ About Sump Pump Alarms

How to Turn Off Sump Pump Alarm?

It depends on the alarm system. Some items come with the automatic feature. This means when the pump starts, the alarm automatically turns off. But when it is a manual one, just find the on/off button in the alarm. It is used to be on the body.

How Do I Reset My Sump Pump Alarm?

Almost all alarms come with a reset button in it. Find the location of the reset button and push it to reset the alarm. In some cases, it could be a small button under the alarm. For any reason, if it is not available, start the pump and push the on the switch to reset the alarm.

Where Is the Alarm Sensor On a Sump Pump?

The sensor of the alarm used to be under the main body. Whatever the product model is, the sensor would be in a place where it can stay near to the water surface or water level. Because the sensor needs to give the signal immediately when the water level is rising.

What to Do If Little Giant Sump Pump Alarm Goes Off?

For several reasons, the alarm can go off. The most probable reason is the batteries are down. Another reason is, the alarm may get damaged because of different things. To be sure, fist replace the batteries and if it is working, nothing to be worried. Otherwise, the alarm needs to replace with a new one.

Wrapping Up

So, you have now a clear conception on the sump pump alarms. Now it is your turn. Pick the best sump pump alarm that meets all your requirements. If you ask, we will mark the Zircon Leak Alert WiFi - Smart Electronic Water Detector Alarm from the list. This is a smart device that notifies the user in different formats. Even it will send an email to give the alert. So, even the user is not at home, can know the water level is rising and need to turn on the pump.

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