Best Pedestal Sump Pump Review 2021 [Top Rated]

For those of you beginning to learn about sump pumps, you are going to find that there are two basic types. Submersible and pedestal. Pedestal pumps are known to last 2 to 5 times longer than submersible ones.

They are also cheaper than most submersible pumps. With the best pedestal sump pump, you can save some upfront installation costs. While they may be somewhat noisy, they are very easier to service.

The best part about this type is that the motor is placed on top of the pit. Since the motor is exposed, you can easily fix the switch, oil the motor bearings, and if it goes bad, you can easily replace it on your own. This means the maintenance is outside of the pit.

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Superior Pump 92333 (Thermoplastic)

Superior Pump 92301 (Stainless & Cast Iron)

4 Best Pedestal Sump Pump Reviews

When it comes to pedestal pumps, reliability is important. That's why we have selected four of the best pedestal pumps on the market.

1. Superior Pump 92333 1/3 HP Thermoplastic Pedestal Sump Pump

The Superior Pump 92333 is designed for both professional installer and do-it-yourself homeowner. First and foremost, keep in mind that this is a thermoplastic pedestal pump that has a 1/3 HP.

If this is compatible with your current system, then continue reading the rest of this pedestal sump pump review. If you want more durability, there is a stainless-steel version of this pump. Now, moving on. This 1/3 HP pedestal pump is powerful enough to move up to 3,000 gallons of water per hour.

It has enough pressure to lift water up to 20-feet of vertical height. Whether you go with the stainless one or the thermoplastic one, both model feature stainless steel impeller and a durable steel drive shaft, and they are also corrosion resistant.

For extended durability and strength, it comes with a metal switch arm. Nevertheless, Superior Pump has a reputation for making pumps that are built to last. Easy to install, less maintenance, great quality, and also great price for the quality you are getting.


  • 1/3 HP motor for superior performance
  • Heavy-duty drive shaft and impeller
  • Corrosion-resistant materials
  • Durable metal switch arm


  • Not very good at handling dirt

2. ECO-FLO EPP50 Pedestal Sump Pump

In a lot of situations, pedestal sumps pumps seem to make the most sense. The ECO-FLO EPP50 is a good example. The pump is powered by a 115-volt capacitor motor that can generate 1/2 HP. It's powerful enough to drain up to 5,000 gallons of water per hour.

ECO-FLO has a large lineup of pumps as well as a complete line of accessories. This column style pump is designed to operate outside the water. Since the motor is on top of the sump pit, it's very easy to maintain. The EPP50 has a thermoplastic base construction design.

Even the column construction of the EPP50 is thermoplastic. However, if you want more durability, ECO-FLO also has a heavy-duty cast iron base version. The EPC50 and the EPC33 also feature zinc-plated column construction.

Additionally, you can also add some accessories to get the most performance out of this pedestal pump. For example, the same manufacturer also offers in-line check valves, discharge kits, piggyback float switch bypass plugs, sewage check valves, and many more.


  • CSA approved pedestal pump
  • High-quality components used
  • An adjustable, top-mounted float switch
  • Longer lasting design


  • Only suitable for occasional floods

3. Superior Pump 92301 - Cast Iron Pedestal Sump-Pump

Up next, we have a cast iron & stainless-steel pedestal pump from the popular Superior Pump company. The base of this pump is made from cast iron and also features a stainless-steel construction. It has 1/3 HP that can easily move up to 3,000 gallons of water per hour.

Although it's a pedestal pump, it is surprisingly quiet. Just like the top product in this list, this too can easily lift water up to 20' of vertical height. The driveshaft is made using stainless steel for durability, as well as the float ball and the impeller.

All the pumps that this brand has to offer come 100 percent factory tested. The manufacturer is mostly known for its electronically controlled split capacitors, solid copper motor windings, heavy-duty impellers, and drive shafts. The float ball is connected to a metal switch arm.

One thing I really liked about this pump is the thermally protected - split capacitor motor. Most pedestal pumps on the market tend to get extremely hot. But you won't face such problems with this particular model.


  • Split capacitor motor that is thermally protected
  • A five-blade stainless steel impeller
  • Very easy to install on your own
  • A durable and longer-lasting float switch


  • Slightly expensive

4. WaterAce WA50CPED Pedestal Pump

The final pedestal pump in this list is the WaterAce WA50CPED. It's a pump designed for basement sumps that features a powerful 115V capacitor motor with overload protection. Just like the rest of the products in this list, this too features an adjustable float switch that is top-mounted.

Before I dive into specs, let's talk about the brand first when it comes to sump pumps, brand matters. WaterAce is a reputed manufacturer that produces quality water pumps. From deep well water pumps to sump pumps and everything in between, you can find products for all your residential needs.

The WA50CPED has a power rating of 1/2 HP. It can pump out 5000 gallons of water per hour at 0 ft with ease. For durability, this unit features a heavy-duty cast iron base construction as well as zinc plated column construction.

This model is a lot better and more durable than thermoplastic models. If you live in a flood plain and looking for a high-quality pump, this is the one. You will be very pleased with the quietness and solid construction of this pump. It's surprisingly quiet for a pedestal unit.


  • Stays quiet and durably constructed
  • Very easy to install
  • Performs just as expected
  • Won't let you down during heavy rain


  • It has a somewhat different outlet orientation

What Is A Pedestal Sump Pump?

The definition of a pedestal sump pump is pretty self-explanatory. The pump is housed on top of a pedestal and stays clear out of water. Before submersible models became popular, pedestal units were the standard.

Still, now, you will find a lot of homeowners go with pedestal pumps because of their ease of maintenance and longevity. If it's easier to maintain, you can keep on using it for a long time.

The only thing these pumps don't have is the advantage of motor cooling. However, most modern pedestal pumps are coming with newer technology to prevent motor heat up by adding overload protection.

Buying Guide

If you experience regular basement flooding even when you have a sump pump installed, you have a problem. It's either the pump got damaged, or that it doesn't have enough power to pump out all the excessive water.

I'm sure you want to prevent that. For that reason, we have made a short buyer's guide that should help you pick the best one from the start even if you are not following our best pedestal sump pump review article.


Whether you are installing a new pedestal pump or replacing your existing pump of any type, the first and foremost thing you should consider is the horsepower. Depending on your sump pit, you might require a 1/3 HP or 1/2 HP motor if you want to prevent the pit from overflowing.

If you were satisfied with the performance of your previous pump, it's a good practice to stick with the same model. On the other hand, if you have never owned a sump pump before, stick with the most commonly used pumps.

On a side note, if your previous pump was running fine but wasn't able to prevent basement flooding, go with a pump with more HP. The higher the HP, the higher the output.


Older pedestal units were made using cast iron. Obviously, those models were very durable. However, the cost of making them was too high. Nowadays, you can get cheaper thermoplastic models of the same brand and model.

One downside is that you are not getting the same longevity. That's why the material in the base construction is important. It might cost you, but the investment is worth it.

The advantage of cast iron pedestal units is that they can resist more wear and tear and keep on pumping for a long time. Since maintenance of a pedestal pump is easy and cheap, this makes cast-iron models a good bargain.


Lighter is not always better. When it comes to pumps, weight matters. If it's heavy, that means the weight is from heavy-duty materials used in the construction. You don't want to trade too much performance by going cheap.

During the period of heavy use, the pump goes through a lot of stress. Unless the quality is there, your pump won't even last long. That also brings us to our next topic, which is the frequency of use.

Frequency Of Use

If you live in a flood plain area, you might want to consider getting the best pedestal sump pump as soon as possible. Higher usage means more stress. To handle large volumes of water; the pump first and foremost needs to be powerful.

Once you got the HP right, the next thing you should look for is the quality of construction. Make sure to get something heavy-duty. In this case, cast iron and stainless-steel pumps are preferable.

Thermoplastic models might be cheaper and offer more HP, but they don't tend to last long. That being said, you also consider the capacity of the motor.

Motor Capacity

The motor capacity or the pumping capacity will indicate how many gallons of water the pump can pump out. In most cases, GPH rating is more important than horsepower rating. GPH means gallons per hour. This measurement will indicate a pump's ability to handle water.

Most of the units in this list have a GPH rating of 5000. Lower GPH pumps won't be able to handle large volumes of water in the event of a downpour. If your home is situated in an area where there is a high risk of flooding, you will need to go for a pump with a high GPH.


There is nothing complicated about what size pump you should get. If you have a small basement, go with a small pedestal pump. If you have a large basement, go with a bigger pump.

How To Install Pedestal Sump Pump

Welcome to the DIYers guide for installing a pedestal sump pump. For this installation, you will need the following tools. The whole installation process requires more detail. However, I'll try to keep it as short as possible.

  • Safety Wears (Gloves, Goggles, and Boots)
  • Tools (Shovel, Hacksaw, Sledgehammer, Holes Saw & Drill)
  • The Pump
  • Additional Tools (Cement, Concrete, Caulking, Elbow Joint & PVC Pipe)
  • Marker and Gravel

For now, this will do nicely. On a side note, if you want a detailed installation guide, you can check out our sump pump installation article.

With that being said, let's start installing a pedestal pump.

Step 1

First, wear all the necessary safety equipment. You will be working with saws and electric cables, so it's recommended that you wear proper safety boots, gloves, and goggles.

Step 2

The next step easy. Make sure you are not breaking any rules. Always check the building codes first. This mainly due to the fact that installing a pedestal pump requires drilling. That's why you need to ensure there are no underground cable and sewer lines under the concrete floor.

Step 3

Place the pump at the lowest point in your basement. Once you have chosen your location, form a downward slant. This will prevent water from settling in one place in your basement in the event of flooding.

Step 4

Let's start digging up the floor. If you already have a sump basin installed, you can skip this step. If you don't have one, watch a YouTube video to figure it out. The process is very easy. All you need is a jackhammer or a sledgehammer.

Step 5

When you are done digging, it's time to fill up the hole and place the basin. There are some things you need to take care of first, like leveling the hole, filling up the extra space, and all that. After that, you need to let the cement dry. If you are not confident, hire a professional to do it for you.

Step 6

While the concrete is drying, create a space for the pipeline. Make sure to select the right PVC pipe size. You will need to attach it to the pump via the check valve. Now drill a hole in the wall and run the detach discharge pipe through the hole.

Step 7

Make sure there are no unsealed joints. Now finally, all you need to do is place the pedestal pump and connect all the lines and pipes. Follow the user manual for a secure installation.

Now is a good time to run a dummy test. Fill up the basin with water. This is just a test to see if everything is working properly.

Pedestal Sump Pump Vs. Submersible Sump Pump

The difference between a submersible pump and a pedestal pump is very self-explanatory. You can already guess the common difference by looking at their names. The difference is in their basic construction.

A submersible pump is denser in terms of construction. This is because the motor, the induction mechanism, and the float-piece are placed very closely into a single form factor. These pumps are designed to be completely submerged into the sump basin. The added benefit is that they take up less space and has the advantage of cooling because of the surrounding water.

On the other hand, you have the taller version, which is the pedestal pump. The whole unit is tall by comparison. The motor is situated at the top while the float and intake point are at the bottom.

Longevity wise, pedestal pumps are better because you can perform a routine checkup and quickly fix whatever is malfunctioning. However, some pedestal units tend to be loud. On the flip side of the coin, submersible ones are harder to maintain, but they are quiet.


It's time for us to announce the clear winner of the roundup. And the winner is Superior Pump 92301. I'm sure you have already guessed it by now. It has a cast iron base and stainless-steel construction. Durability wise, there is hardly any pedestal unit that can outperform this pump.

It's also one of the most reliable pumps out there. So, if you want to get the most value without spending too much money, the Superior Pump 92301 is the best pedestal sump pump.

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