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Best Nerf Gun

Unquestionably the best manufacturer of squirt guns since 1989 is Nerf, with their ever popular brand of the Super Soaker. These water guns by Nerf provide premium quality, high water capacities and effective sprays at adequate distances. There is simply no close second to Nerf, and no boy is satisfied in the Summer until he has one of his own. But what is the best Nerf gun?

In this review, we will take a look at four of the best Nerf water guns and also state a few things to look out for when purchasing each one. We will also answer some frequently asked questions that children and parents may have about Nerf water guns in general.

What To Look Before Choosing Best Nerf Gun

Of course, not all Nerf Gun are the same. They come in all shapes, sizes, styles and more. The most common of Nerf Gun that you will find are the two-handed pump action rifle style. At a close second is the portable handgun style. There are various other designs that are made for either distance or water pressure.


The pump action rifle style is the most popular of Nerf Super Soaker products. With this gun, you carry a lot of water, and you pump out a steady stream of water at a decent distance. Because this Nerf Gun requires two hands, one to hold it and one to pull its lever, it does not leave much room for versatility.

The handgun style is the more versatile style. Handgun is small and portable, and can be held with one hand or two. It is much easier to move the gun around in front of the user. The user can even hold something else in the other hand, such as an additional water handgun or even a water balloon.

Furthermore, the portable nature of the handgun can make it possible for the user to pull surprise attacks on his friends by hiding the gun in either a pocket or bag. The downside to handguns, however, is that they do not hold much water, and it will literally take minutes to go from full water capacity to no water at all.

There are various other types of water gun styles that are more specific than these two types, so while we do acknowledge that there are other types of Nerf Gun that exist, we will not go into much detail with them.

Water Capacity

Water capacity is another thing to strongly consider when choosing a right Nerf Gun for your child. Water guns can either carry a lot of water, or not much at all.

For large water tanks, a child is capable of carrying a lot of water with him or her. It will take a lot longer for him or her to run out of water and have to refill the tank. With that said, the child can spend a long time using the Nerf Gun before he or she has no more water.

The downside to a large tank is that the water overall makes the Nerf Gun heavier. With more water, the gun is a lot tougher for a small child to carry around. This can also limit the child’s mobility. With that said, the child can always use less water with a large water tank. Small water tanks means that there is less water for the child to carry around.

The gun, however, is also lighter to carry and easier to use overall. While it might be quicker for the child to run out of water, refilling the tank generally is easier and takes much less time.


Distance is also one thing to consider, which ultimately depends on where your child will be using his or her Nerf Gun. If his or her field of play is limited just to a front of back yard, you should consider a short distance water gun. If your child is intending to have an entire street to roam around in, he or she should consider a longer distance water gun. For poolside play, we strongly feel that short distance water guns are safer.

Without further ado, here are four of the best Super Soakers made by Nerf.

1. Star Wars Nerf Han Gun Solo Blaster

Shoot like the legendary movie character himself with this water handgun designed to resemble the blaster owned by Hans Solo of the Star Wars series. This gun is royal blue and orange in color. This launch of this Super Soaker coincided with the release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens in late 2015.

This gun holds 6.7 ounces of water, and water travels out the nozzle at about 20 feet. We admit that the water capacity leaves much to be desired, but the distance on Solo’s blaster is fairly decent. The gun shoots water in a basic pattern.

The gun is small and lightweight, and is fairly easy to refill. The place in which you fill the gun with water is right on top, so pouring water in is fairly simple to do.

The problem with this gun is that the water pressure simply isn’t really up to Super Soaker’s standards. Many water handguns that we have previously reviewed give a more forceful blast. The stream of water from this gun, however, can be compared to that of a basic water gun you can find at the dollar store.


  • Comes in bright colors
  • Has decent spraying distance
  • Is easy to refill
  • Is light in weight


  • Water pressure is weak

2. SUPER SOAKER Breach Blast - Quietest Nerf Gun

This next Nerf Gun is a pump action rifle that comes with some basic features. It has the typical boy’s water gun color scheme of blue, orange, green and white.

You can spray water for up to 38 feet, and this gun can hold up to 50 ounces of water. These traits are both favorable in our book. Like the Han Solo blaster, you can easily refill water at the top of the gun.

This also isn’t a heavy gun by any means, weighing just a half an ounce shy of a pound. It is also small enough for children to carry around with them without any trouble.

One flaw that we are experiencing with this Nerf Super Soaker is that is leaks water constantly. There are often miniature holes that are likely errors in each gun, and water will constantly drip from these holes. With that in mind, we are not all that satisfied with this.


  • Has decent spraying distance
  • Is light in weight
  • Comes in bright colors
  • Has a large water tank


  • Water constantly leaks

3. Super Soaker Zipfire Blaster - Best Tiny Nerf Gun

Next is the Super Soaker Zipfire Blaster. This is a handgun just like the Han Solo Blaster from earlier. It is lime green in color and has orange accents, to further accentuate that it is a tiny  toy gun and not a real one.

This water gun can blast from 20 feet away, which is impressive considering that this is a very small gun. This gun weighs about just 3 ounces, making it super easy to store and carry with you.

The gun is also very easy to fire and easy to refill. The cap is on the back of the gun in which you can fill water from a sink or garden hose. The design of this gun also makes it hard to break or deform when dropped.

This Nerf Super Soaker, unfortunately, can only carry about 3.3 ounces of water at a time. You can literally start to fire the gun and run out of water in seconds. If you are looking for a Nerf handgun with a larger water tank, this is not the one for you.


  • Has decent spraying distance
  • Is easy to refill
  • Is light in weight
  • Is durable


  • Can carry very little water at a time

4. Nerf Gun Soakzooka

The Soakzoka is the final Super Soaker by Nerf in this review. Rather than carry it like a traditional gun, you carry it like a briefcase like a movie-style machine gun.

It is white, orange and blue in color. It a way, it works more like a watering can.

This gun can spray a lot of water at once. The crank is pulled like a pump action lever and it sprays a lot of water at once that can reach a whole crowd of kids.

It can hold as much water as under 2 liters of soda, which is an impressive amount. However, with more water comes more weight that your child will have to carry. Even without any water, the gun overall weighs two pounds, which is greatly heavier than most Super Soakers.

The big problem that this gun has is that it does not shoot water that far; usually about ten feet. This Super Soaker is designed in a way that it is not made for long-distance play. While it does have a unique design, there is much that limits it from being more advantageous in a water gun fight.


  • Has a large water capacity
  • Has a unique design


  • Is heavy in weight
  • Shooting distance is short

Why Is Nerf The Best Company In Water Guns?

Nerf has been the nationwide leader for water guns with their Super Soaker brand for over 30 years. Their variety and quality has been unmatched during that time. While it is easy for manufacturers to make plastic into guns, there is much more to making a water gun than making plastic.

There is actually a science to making an effective nerf water gun, and Nerf has had this science down pat for decades. The reservoir, chamber, nozzle and many other parts are taken into consideration for how the gun can spray water in an effective way without bogging the product down entirely.

While other companies also have their own water guns, they often use basic principles to make a basic product that delivers minimal water pressure and distance. Therefore, children 12 and under do not find a water gun all that fun to use if it isn’t one that is made by Nerf. This popularly coined the slogan “It’s Nerf Or Nothing”.

How Far Does A Nerf Gun Shoot?

Depending on the specific model of nerf gun, a Nerf water gun can shoot water from anywhere between ten feet to 35 feet in length, from the tip of the gun to the point in which the water touched the ground.

As mentioned previously, because of the engineering that goes into these Nerf Super Soakers, they create more pressure to cause water to shoot farther. But it does not generally stop there, as the shape and design of the Nerf Super Soaker itself can also play a role in how far it can shoot water.

Straight, basic looking pistols, for one, can shoot farther than uniquely designed pistols, such is the case with the Star Wars Episode VII Han Solo Blaster. Its distinct shape to make it imitate that of the actual blaster from the movie is what actually limits its water pressure.

Final Verdict

Our number one Nerf Gun is none other than the SUPER SOAKER Nerf Super Soaker Zipfire Blaster.

All of these Nerf Gun come with some noticeable flaws. There is no getting around this issue. However, the Zipfire Blaster is one that we have enjoyed using the most for its portability, size and power. This is a sturdily constructed gun that your child can count on to spray water when he or she needs to.

There is not much water that he or she can carry at a time with the Zipfire Blaster, but it is a versatile gun that can be used for pranks and surprise attacks. That is why this is the best gun from Nerf that you can buy today.

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