6 Best Carbon Water Bottle Cages Review in 2021 for Rough Gravel Roads

Best Carbon Water Bottle Cages

On a desert epic, there is no need for you to ditch your hydration pack. But when you are just out for a 2-hour ride on a cool spring day, I don’t see any reason why you should carry one.

Now, mountain bikes are getting lighter and more reliable, so are the add-ons. With each passing day, people are getting obsessed with finding the no-backpack setup. You want and should travel light, and to do that, you should consider adding the best carbon water bottle cage.

Yes, they are recommended if you don’t want the extra weight of aluminum alloy bottle cages but still want that durability. I know what you are thinking. Aren’t these cages expensive?

Well, no. There are some products that are 70-ish dollars or so, and I really don’t recommend them. I mean, just to save 15g or more, is it really worth spending that much?

Gears can be necessary but carrying a backpack for a short ride isn’t something I would do. A water bottle, gloves, and helmets are more than adequate. With that being said, let’s have a look at some of the best carbon bottle cages if you want to shave a little weight by upgrading to carbon fiber cages.

Comparison of 6 best bike water bottle cage in 2021






Anjoy Ultra Light Full Carbon Fiber 


Wiel Full Carbon Fiber Bicycle Bike


PERGEAR Emgreat Lightweight Carbon Fiber


TOSEEK Carbon Fiber Water Bottle Cages


ThinkTop Ultra-Light Full Carbon Fiber


Arundel Mandible Water Bottle Cage [Editors Choice]


6 Best Carbon Fiber Water Bottle Cages Review

If you are tired of losing water bottles, it’s time for an upgrade. Here is a list of 6 of the best bike bottle cage reviews that are lightweight, will hold anything that you put in them and are reasonably priced.

1. Anjoy Ultra-Light Full Carbon Water Bottle Cage

Starting off our list, we have the lightweight and sturdy water bottle cage from Anjoy. This 100 percent carbon fiber bottle weighs only around 30 grams.

The super-light bottle is non-deformable, maintaining its structural integrity even after massive abuse. On top of that, the build quality of the product makes it corrosion resistant.

If you want a no-hassle, easy access water bottle, then this might be one of the better ones in the market. The holder comes with the right amount of flex, but not so much that you have a hard time taking the bottle out.

The upper part of the cage is extended slightly to add to the stability of the contained bottle. Even on bumpy roads, you can expect this product to hold your water securely.

It comes in a very stylish yet minimalistic design. The simplistic black finish complements any bicycle. With the bolt-hole design, installation is both convenient and fast. The bolt holes come with enough room to use a larger headed hex screw and recessed enough so that the screw head does not mangle your bottle.

With the high amount of utility, you get out of this product; you would expect it to have a big price tag. On the contrary, this is a very affordable holder that you can count on to keep your water bottle safe.


  • Simple and aesthetic Black color
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Very reasonable price
  • Protruding head to firmly grip your bottle
  • Bolt-hole designed perfectly
  • Cons

  • Reports of questionable durability because of     the lightweight design
  • 2. Wiel Full Carbon Fiber Water Bottle Cage Holder

    The beautifully designed carbon fiber cage by Wiel comes in two beautiful color combinations. Whether you get the black-red color or the silver-black one, you are sure to be pleased with the overall look and feel of this product.

    With this water bottle holder, what you get is a cosmetically elegant and cost-effective solution to have your water with you while you are on a ride.

    Due to the full carbon fiber construction, this product is very lightweight. You do not need to worry about it slowing you down when you are planning a long trip. 

    On top of that, it comes with a non-deformable and anti-corrosion construction. So, you can expect this bottle to last for quite an extended period.

    This cage measures to about 2.87-2.91 inches in diameter. For this, it may not give you the perfect grip on smaller bottles. However, if your bottle comes in a standard size, this should not be a problem. With soft and smooth edges, you can reach for your container and take it out without any problem.

    The manufacturers recommend you install this product on the standard 30-40-degree slant on the down tube. It should also work like a charm if you attach it to the 70-76 degree sitting port. As long as you do not stick it to the horizontal tube port, you should be fine.


  • Available as a pack of 2
  • Designed for bottles of 2.9 inches in diameter
  • Includes two installation screws
  • Requires drilling of holes
  • Two splendid color combinations
  • Cons

    • May not fit smaller water bottles

    3. PERGEAR Lightest Water Bottle Cage

    Are you looking for a great budget water bottle holder for your new bicycle? Look no further as we introduce you to the Emgreat carbon fiber cage by Pergear.

    This company is known mostly for dealing with camera accessories. But this water holder made a name for itself because of the utility it provides at such a fantastic price.

    This device is made using durable non-deformable carbon fiber material that is also resistant to corrosion. It is a lightweight product of only 30 grams and a max diameter of 7.5 centimeters. 

    You do not get much color options, though, as it comes only in black. But this simple color choice comes in a very stylish finish.

    The simple design of the product does not take away anything from its functionality. It does what it was made to do correctly. Two wrapped arms hold your bottle steady, and a protruding bottom rest provides added support. You always have quick and easy access to the container whenever you need a sip.

    Whether you are a recreational cyclist or professional, the usability of this device is hard not to acknowledge. The massive amount of functionality you get out of it is unmatched. And when you take the time to consider how affordable the price tag is, it seems like a product that is too good to ignore.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Firm grip on the bottle
  • Beautiful black design
  • Bottom rest for added stability
  • Affordable
  • Cons

  • Some reports of scraping bottles
  • 4. TOSEEK - Water Bottle Cage For Road Bike

    Are you a professional cyclist? Are you going on a long ride? Or maybe you are just a recreational rider like me? Whatever the case may be, this water bottle cage from Toseek will make sure you stay hydrated and full of energy in your activities. You no longer need to worry about losing your bottle in your bike adventures.

    Made using more than ninety percent carbon fiber; this useful tool will serve you for a long time. The construction of the product is durable, allowing it to resist any deformation or corrosion. Due to the firm hold of this product, slopes or rough roads are not a challenge.

    It has a measly weight of only 24 grams and a very slick and stylish design. Furthermore, it comes in a number of contrasting color options to satisfy your aesthetic sensibilities. With a wrapped arms design, it is effortless to take the bottle in and out of the cage.

    One big win for this unit is the design of its holding mechanism. Because of the design, you are not limited to single bottle size. This cage can house oversized bottles effortlessly and always maintains its firm grip. It is an excellent accessory for any road, hybrid, or touring bicycle.


  • Super lightweight
  • Wrapped arm design
  • Multiple color options
  • Fits bigger bottles
  • Easy access to bottles
  • Cons

  • May not work best on a mountain bike.
  • 5. ThinkTop Bike Water Bottle Holder

    This product is a low-cost solution for those who do not want to spend a lot of big bucks for a way to carry their water bottle with them on a bicycle. Thinktop is a company that specializes in creating inexpensive low-profile accessories that are useful for just about anyone. This is one of the best bike water bottle holders.

    Made using Japan TORAY 3K Carbon Fiber, this product is highly superior to its competitors because of its material choices. The non-deformable and corrosion-resistant cage comes with extra strength and durability.

    Add that with the extreme lightweight of only around 25 grams, you can take this product with you on long rides without feeling any extra pressure.

    The simple black color choice gives the cage a cool and stylish look. This product comes in a matte finish with smoothed edges. You do not need to worry about scraping either your hands or the bottle when using this accessory. The size of the cage is about 2.83 inches and can fit a bottle of 2.79-2.87 inches comfortably.

    You get the bottle holder and two screws for mounting when you purchase this unit. Fitting it is pretty straightforward and hassle-free. Once you get it set up, all you need to do is place the bottle and go for a ride. Even on bumpy and rocky roads, this cage can keep the bottle steady without any trouble.


  • Attractive black matte finish
  • Low price
  • Easy to set up
  • Durable Japan TORAY 3K carbon fiber
  • Smooth edges
  • Cons

  • Supplied bolts sometimes interfere with the   bottle
  • 6. Arundel Mandible - Best Water Bottle Cage

    Arundel is a company that focuses on creating quality bicycle parts that people want to buy. The water bottle cage is just one of their many bike accessories like seat bags or bar tapes. Considering the reputation of the company; their flagship product, Mandible water bottle cage is not to be taken lightly.

    With an incredibly lightweight design of only 28 grams, this product still manages to be pretty durable and long-lasting. To further reduce weight, there is a foam core with the full carbon fiber construction. This minimalistic water cage will not add any extra baggage for you to carry on your long rides.

    The product has four holes for mounting on any part of your bike comfortably. Though the bolts are exposed, the clean lines in the unit keep your bottle free from getting caught when you want to take it out. It is easy to mount and does not get in the way of your paddling.

    Though a bit higher on the price range, this product is one of my personal favorites. It comes in a plethora of color combinations to choose from making it suitable for any bike color. I personally prefer the Uni-weave glossy orange finish, but you can choose the one that goes well with your cycle.


  • Excellent finish
  • Super light and durable
  • Flexible color options
  • Minimalist design
  • Top quality carbon fiber
  • Cons

  • It is quite an expensive product
  • bike with bottle cage

    Choosing the Best Bike Water Bottle Holder | A Definitive Buyer’s Guide

    Honestly, bottle cages especially the carbon fiber ones are not worth overthinking, and not worth overpaying for. You just need to know which one will hold your water bottle better.

    If you are looking for an upgrade, keep four things in mind — performance, aesthetic, weight, and price. Since their core material is carbon fiber, they are generally lightweight, and so you don’t have to worry about that one.

    But you do need to consider their performance. Also, looks are important, and it’s more of personal preference.

    There are other factors to consider too. If you want to make sure that you won’t lose a bottle on rough roads, here is a list of criteria that you can follow to make sure you make the right purchase.

    Water Bottle Cage Style

    Different style bottle cage

    One thing you will notice is that there are several styles of bottle cages, and it’s important to find out which can actually retain the bottle when things get rough. There is no perfect design. 

    Each has its own advantages, and it’s up to users to find out which will be the best for them. For example, the Arundel Mandible cages have a solid design that can hold bottles even when things get rough and tough on the road.

    Material Choice

    Carbon fiber

    Well, isn’t it obvious? Carbon fiber should be your top priority. It’s not all about reducing weight; it’s about keeping the bottle in place. Bottle cages made from carbon fiber weighs less than stainless steel cages.

     While low weight is cool, too low can make it flimsy. That’s why you need something that has a solid design, lightweight material, and is able to retain your water bottle no matter how rough the terrain gets.

    Easy Fit 

    The cages should be easy to use. Avoid the ones that you have to think twice before you actually insert a bottle. Whether you want to fit the bottle from the side or on the top, the design should make it easier to do so.


    Probably the main reason most bikers opt for carbon fiber is that the cages look cool. Also, a mismatched bottle holder will surely ruin the aesthetic of your bike. Find the one that will complement the look of your bike.


    Just like in the tech industry, if you want lightweight stuff, you need to pay more. That can also be said for the cycling industry. Lightweight gears are in high demand now, and for that, they typically cost way more.

    You will find cheap bottle holders that are usually 3-4 bucks apiece. They are mostly made out of plastic where the premium ones will either be an aluminum alloy made. 

    Even more expensive ones will feature titanium or carbon fiber material. Now, is it worth paying extra?

    Yes and no. It’s complicated. If you want looks, then paying extra won’t hurt. But for raw performance, you don’t want to spend 70 -80 bucks just for a bottle cage. However, there are some products that truly offer premium features.

    Not only do they have an elegant form, but they also have a solid grip while keeping the weight at a minimum.

    Frame Clearance 

    If you have a small frame, you need to find a small bottle holder. Because smaller frames have tight clearance which forces you to use a side-access bottle holder. Luckily, there are options available for smaller frame bike.

    They let you insert your bottle from the side. You will see this type of holders on a smaller sized road bike and full-suspension mountain bikes.

    Grip & Bottle Retention

    The main function of a bottle cage is to hold the bottle in place. There are different designs, and each work in a different way.

    For instance, some will hold the bottle by the collar area while some features a wrap-around design. To provide a secure grip, some will give you an additional zip tie to properly hold your bottle in place.

    Mounting System

    There are two mounting systems, front, and rear. If you want quick access, use a holder with front mount system. For long races, professional bike riders prefer to keep their bottles on the front bar.

    TT riders don’t prefer front holders. They don’t want to risk reducing the aerodynamics of their bikes, and because of that, they opt for the rear mount system. However, it’s hard to access, and position is a little awkward.

    Whatever the position you choose to mount your holder, make sure it’s in a place that will be easily accessible.

    Bottle cages are originally designed to carry your water bottle on your bike in a place that is out of your way but also easily reachable. Your hands should be able to easily grab the bottle without you pulling over and stopping for a drink.

    Size of The Cage

    It’s hard to find a universal bottle holder that can hold both large and small bottles. You either lose retainability, or the construction will be flimsy. Along with mounting positions, the collars should be positioned similarly.

    If you mount your cage on the down tube, find a position that makes it easier for you to grab the bottle. Make sure to choose one that has the right combination between mounting position and size.

    Why Do You Need Carbon Water Bottle Holders?

    Whether it’s stainless steel, aluminum, or carbon fiber, you need a bottle cage if you want to stay hydrated. Riding a bike burns a lot of calories, and if you are planning to ride for hours, it can quickly make you dehydrated.

    That’s why most riders if not all of them carry hydration packs. But if you want to travel light and still want to keep yourself hydrated; bottle cages are the perfect solution.

    Speaking of light travel, carbon water bottle holders are way lighter than your regular stainless-steel ones. Most of them are similar in price, if not cheaper. So, if you want to carry water bottles, shave off some extra weight and increase the overall look of your bike, you should get one. 

    Frequently Asked Question

    1. Are carbon water cages cheaper?

    Yes and no. It depends on the quality of the product. Some are cheaper, but there is a high chance that you will get carbon fiber wrap on a plastic cage. It’s better to invest more if you really want 100% carbon fiber material.

    2. How do you mount a bottle cage?

    Your bike will have threaded holes in the frame. This is where you will attach the cage. You will need washers and bolts to mount the cage to the frame. Here a video that can makes your task easy.

    Final Thoughts

    Finally, what you should look for in a bottle holder that has a tight grip, super strong and lightweight. Don’t go too lightweight, or they will be flimsy.

    And that’s why you should stick to popular brands because they are the only ones on the market that know how to make the best water bottle cage.

    For example, Arundel Mandible is a trustworthy brand, and while they have a different variation of water bottle holders, their carbon version is super strong. It’s somewhat expensive, but it is well worth the money.

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